Course Outlines

2021-2022 Term One

ENGE1310 Communications for English Majors I
ENGE1500 Introduction to English Linguistics
ENGE1610 Introduction to Literature
ENGE1800 Drama in Performance I
ENGE2110 Crime Fiction
ENGE2150 Nineteenth-Century Novels on Screen
ENGE2170 Literature & Medicine
ENGE2210 Song and Poetry: The Literature of Song and Song-Writing
ENGE2360 Children’s Literature
ENGE2540 Forensic Linguistics: Language as Evidence in Legal Processes
ENGE2620 Acquisition of English as a Second Language
ENGE2640 Introduction to World Literatures in English
ENGE3100 Communications for English Majors III
ENGE3250 Other Literatures in English
ENGE3260 Creative Writing
ENGE3320 Hong Kong Literature in English
ENGE3360 Special Topics in Creative Writing
ENGE3670 Language, Meaning, and Text
ENGE4650 Special Topics in Applied Linguistics

2021-2022 Term Two

ENGE1000 English Studies: Thinking Creatively in A Global Language
ENGE1320 Communications for English Majors II
ENGE1520 Grammatical Structure of English
ENGE2130 (How to Read) Masterpieces of Literature
ENGE2140 Superheroes in Graphic Novel, Comics and Film
ENGE2190 Gods Behaving Badly: Myths and Legends from Around the World
ENGE2370 From Romanticism to Modernism
ENGE2380 Twentieth-Century Fiction
ENGE2390 Reading Poetry
ENGE2510 English Phonetics and Phonology
ENGE2630 Sociolinguistics: Languages, Culture, and Society
ENGE2710 Language and Intercultural Communication
ENGE2840 Lexical Studies in English
ENGE3110 Romanticism
ENGE3220 Literature and Film
ENGE3290 Reading and Writing Short Stories
ENGE3360 Special Topics in Creative Writing
ENGE3640 English Language Teaching and Learning
ENGE4100 Major Author(s)
ENGE4240 Special Topics in Literature