Academic Staff

Name Rank Research Area Contact Info.
Jette HANSEN EDWARDS Professor Second language phonology, World Englishes (Asian Englishes), impact of mass media on English language learning and use, language variation, peer response in second language writing.

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3943 7023
Full Time Teaching Staff
Evelyn CHAN Associate Professor Virginia Woolf; Joseph Conrad; modernism; literature and the professions; literature and education 3943 7017
Ron DARVIN Assistant Professor Digital literacies, digital repertoires, online genres, second language acquisition (SLA), translanguaging, unequal Englishes, identity, investment, social class, critical literacy. 3943 7020
Jason GLECKMAN Associate Professor Shakespeare, 16th-, 17th-, and 18th-century literature, English composition. 3943 7109
(on leave)
Professor of English Romantic and post-Romantic literature, especially poetry; Shakespeare and seventeenth century poetry; literature and moral philosophy; models of the self in European poetry and philosophy; the importance of the humanities in contemporary society  
Grant HAMILTON Associate Professor Twentieth century world literature (especially anglophone African literature), literary theory, philosophy and literature (especially the work of Gilles Deleuze) 3943 7445
David HUDDART Professor Postcolonial literature, autobiography, literary and cultural theory, popular culture 3943 7993
Jane JACKSON Professor Language and intercultural communication; internationalization and education abroad; language, culture and identity; intercultural/cross-cultural pragmatics; language policies; ethnography; qualitative & mixed-method research; reticence and anxiety; cultures of learning; case-based teaching and learning; English for specific/business purposes 3943 7174
Jookyoung JUNG Assistant Professor Second language acquisition (SLA), task-based language teaching (TBLT), second language reading and writing, eye-tracking technology 3943 5719
Julian LAMB Associate Professor Early modern pedagogy (Erasmus, Ascham, Puttenham, Mulcaster), early modern language theory, Shakespeare (especially sonnets), poetics, Wittgenstein, J.L. Austin. 3943 7018
Carmen LEE Associate Professor Sociolinguistics, language on the internet, multilingualism, literacy studies, qualitative research methods 3943 7994
LI Ou       Associate Professor Romanticism, especially poetry; poetics and poetic tradition; cultural/literary relations between China and the West 3943 7003
Gerald NELSON Professor English grammar; corpus linguistics; World Englishes; the history of English; the history of linguistics 3943 7004
Michael O’SULLIVAN Associate Professor Modernism, phenomenology & literature, literature & religion, Irish studies, the philosophy of education. 3943 7024
Eli Park SORENSEN Assistant Professor Postcolonialism, comparative literature, cultural studies, twentieth-century fiction, philosophy and literature, literary theory 3943 8550
Eddie TAY Associate Professor Creative writing; autoethnography; street photography; Singaporean and Malaysian literature; postcolonial literature 3943 7061
Suzanne WONG Senior Lecturer Grammatical voice, pedagogical grammar, contrastive linguistics, short stories, creative writing 3943 7011
Adjunct Professors
Vijay K. BHATIA Adjunct Professor Critical genre analysis of academic and professional discourses in legal, business, promotional, and in new media contexts; ESP and professional communication; simplification and easification of legal and other public documents.  
Yuet May CHING Adjunct Associate Professor Modernist poetry and fiction, Romantic poetry, gender and literature, and Hong Kong literature  
Tony T.N. HUNG Adjunct Professor World Englishes, phonology, syntax-phonology interaction, interlanguage analysis, second language teaching.  
Impact Postdoctoral Fellows
Carolyn LAU Postdoctoral Fellow Medical humanities, posthumanism, science fiction literature and film, twentieth and twenty-first century British and American literature and art, especially postwar experimental writing  
Victor ZHANG Postdoctoral Fellow Second language writing, writing assessment, digital literacy, computer-assisted language learning, second language acquisition, multilingualism, sociolinguistics, translation studies, etc.