Academic Staff

Yuet May CHING

B.A. (CUHK), M.A., Ph.D. (Michigan)

Research Interests
Modernist poetry and fiction, Romantic poetry, gender and literature, and Hong Kong literature
Selected Publications
"A heap of nameless fragments": Sacrifice, Cannibalism, and Fragmentation in The Secret Agent: Centennial Essays. Eds. Allan Simmons and J.H. Stape. Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi Press, 2007.
"'A symbol of longevity': Resistance and Rebirth in Yeats and Two Hong Kong Poets" in Anglophone Cultures in Southeast Asia: Appropriations, Continuities, Contexts. Eds. Ahrens, Parker, Stierstorfer and Tam.Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg Press, 2003.
"The Idle Chalice: Sacrifice as an Everyday Ritual in Joyce’s Dubliners" in Q/W/E/R/T/Y, pp. 79-83. France. 2000.
"From Priest to Victim: Sacrifice in Allen Upward and Ezra Pound," in Paideuma 24.1 (1995): 53-69.
"'O ribald company': Reflections on Ezra Pound's Reflections," in Proceedings of the Sixth Quadrennial International Comparative Literature Conference. Tamkang Review 22.1-4 (1991-92): 107-123.
Conference Papers
"Compassionate Ethics and Narratology in Conrad's Fiction." The 37th Annual Conference of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK). London. 7-9 July 2011.
"Sacrifice and Compassion in Almayer's Folly, Chance and Victory." The 35th Annual Conference of the Joseph Conrad Societey (UK). London. 2-4 July 2009.
"The Prism and Misprision of Memory: A Critique of Two Memoirs." Stories of Empire: Narratological Directions in Postcolonial Theory and Practice. Verein der Freundinnen des Instituts für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, University of Vienna. 13-15 September 2007.
"Food Culture: A Hong Kong Story." Eleventh Annual Conference of the Association of American Literary Scholars and Critics. Cambridge MA. 4-6 Nov 2005.
"The March Hare and the Saffron Monkey: Variations on the Theme of Sacrifice in Eliot’s Poetry and Plays." The 23rd Annual Meeting of the T S Eliot Society. St. Louis, Missouri. 27-29 Sept 2002.
"Literature and Death: Sacrifice in the Life and Works of Allen Upward." Special Session on "Literature and Life: Fact and Fiction," Annual College English Association Meeting. Orlando, Florida. 7-9 April 1994.