About the Programme

The MA in English (Applied English Linguistics) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is an intensive one-year (full-time) or two-year (part-time) taught postgraduate programme. We offer a wide range of applied linguistics courses which enable students to use their knowledge about linguistics to achieve some purpose or solve some problems in the real world. By the completion of the programme, students will have explored in detail the essential areas of enquiry in applied linguistics and will be able to apply such knowledge to real language use. With a higher level of critical thinking skills and the professional knowledge of applied linguistics, our graduates will get a better chance to advance in education, business and mass media sectors. Our graduates’ ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English also becomes their invaluable assets in the overall competitive job market.

See here for a general introduction to applied linguistics.

Who should apply?

This programme is intended for those who have had some exposure to language study or English linguistics and who have a strong interest in these areas. Click here for entrance requirements and here to learn more about how to apply.