Creative Arts Wellness (CAW) Workshop

Conducted by AMA

Participants: Students from CCC Kei Yuen College (Jan – Mar 2021)

Creative expression promotes self-awareness, fosters creativity, and enhances interpersonal and social skills. The aim of this workshop series is to guide students to explore creative practices (drawing, mixed media, poetry, creative-writing, etc). We will be exploring different topics stemming from the self to the environment we live in to stimulate students’ imagination and creativity.

About the workshop facilitator: AMA is a professional exhibiting artist, a singer-songwriter, and a licensed creative arts therapist.

Artwork by Shreya Gurung

Artwork by Shreesh Abhinav

Artwork by Qureshi Muzammil Noor

Artwork by Wong Khloe Bok Yan

Artwork by Leung Pui Yu

Artwork by Li Tsz Sen