Academic Staff

Eddie TAY

Associate Professor
B.A., M.A.(NUS); Ph.D. (HKU)

Tel 3943 7061
Office Fung King Hey 323

Administrative Post:
Director, Research Centre for Human Values

Between the Lines: Hong Kong Poetry in English

ENGE 2360 Children’s Literature
ENGE 3260 Creative Writing
ENGE 3290 Reading Poetry
Writing, Photography and Social Media
Research Interests
Creative writing; autoethnography; street photography; Singaporean and Malaysian literature; postcolonial literature
Selected Publications
List of major publications
Hong Kong as Creative Practice. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave, 2023. Fully supported by Research Grants Council - General Research Fund, Project number: 14607219
Evelyn Tsz Yan Chan, Flora Ka Yu Mak, Thomas Siu Ho Yau, Yutong Hu, Michael O’Sullivan, Eddie Tay. The Value of the Humanities in Higher Education: Perspectives from Hong Kong. Singapore: Springer, 2020.
Anything You Can Get Away With: Creative Practices. Delere Press, 2018. Supported by Publication Subvention Fund for 2017-2018, provided by the Faculty of Arts, CUHK.
Dreaming Cities. Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2016. Poetry and street photography collection.
Colony, Nation, and Globalisation: Not at Home in Singaporean and Malaysian Literature. Hong Kong University Press, 2011; Singapore: NUS Press, 2011.
The Mental Life of Cities. Hong Kong: Chameleon Press, 2010. Poetry collection. Awarded Singapore Literature Prize 2012 (English Category).
A Lover’s Soliloquy. Hong Kong: Sixth Finger Press, 2005. Poetry collection, including free translations of Li Shang-yin. Published with grant support from National Arts Council (Singapore).
Remnants. Singapore: Ethos Books, 2001. Poetry collection, including free translations of Li Po, Tu Fu and Li Ho. Published with grant support from National Arts Council (Singapore).
List of selected publications
"On being derailed, on aesthetic responsiveness in Hong Kong". New Writing: The International Journal for the Theory and Practice of Creative Writing. Online version
"K. S. Maniam and Tash Aw", Ed. Alex Tickell. The Novel in South and South East Asian since 1945. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2019. pp. 522-535.
"A Luxury We Cannot Afford: The Poetry of Yong Shu Hoong, Toh Hsien Min, and Boey Kim Cheng", Angelia Poon and Angus Whitehead (eds), Singapore Literature and Culture: Current Directions in Local and Global Contexts. New York and London: Routledge, 2017. pp. 62-81.
"Writing photography, seeing poetry and creative writing scholarship". New Writing. Online version Vol 13, No. 3, 2016. pp. 387-401.
"The medium is the massage: Writing, reading and the work of Singaporean literature in the age of social media". The Future of English in Asia: Perspectives on Language and Literature. Edited by Michael O’Sullivan, David Huddart and Carmen Lee. pp.128-139. New York and London: Routledge, 2016.
"Hong Kong Writing and Culture: Community and Fault Lines". Introduction to guest edited Special Section on Hong Kong Literature. Asiatic. Vol. 8, No. 2. Dec 2014. pp. 1-2.
"Curriculum as Cultural Critique: Creative Writing Pedagogy in Hong Kong". Ed. Dan Disney. Exploring Second Language Creative Writing: Beyond Babel. Philadelphia, USA: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014. 103-118.
"On Places and Spaces: The Possibilities of Teaching Arthur Yap". Common Lines and City Spaces: A Critical Anthology on Arthur Yap. Ed. Gui Weihsin. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2014. 96-113.
"Superficiality, Mythification, and Irreality: Towards a Writing Practice". New Ideas in the Writing Arts. Ed. Graeme Harper. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. pp.113-126.
"Marechera, the Tree-Poem-Artifact". Reading Marechera. Ed. Grant Hamilton. Suffolk: James Currey, 2013. pp. 172-186
"Street Meditations: On Poetry, Street Photography and Everyday Life in Hong Kong". Asiatic, Vol. 6 Number 2. Dec 2012. pp. 31-44.
"The Singapore Writers Festival: Global Identity, Cultural Policy and the Post-Independence Literary Landscape". Southeast Asian Review of English. Special Issue: Malaysian and Singaporean Literature. No. 50. 2010/2011. 121-132.
(with Eva Leung as second author) "On Learning, Teaching and the Pursuit of Creative Writing in Singapore and Hong Kong". New Writing: The International Journal for the Theory and Practice of Creative Writing, 8:2 (2011): 103-113. Article supported by CUHK’s Direct Grant for Research (Project Code: 201033)

Research Grants and Awards
Research Impact Coordinator. Received Outstanding Research Impact Award (ORIA) from Faculty of Arts, CUHK. Submitted Promoting Creative Practices impact case study together with colleague's Multilingual Research impact case study; received HKD413, 000 to support both impact case studies.
Research Impact Coordinator, Project Impact Enhancement Fund (2nd Instalment) from Faculty of Arts, CUHK. To engage writers and creative arts practitioners in impactful activities that benefit society. Awarded HKD 210, 000.
Principal Investigator, Thinking and Feeling Hong Kong (Research Grants Council - General Research Fund), Project number: 14607219, Exercise Year: 2019/20, Project Duration: 24 months. HKD 164,740 including earmarked item of HKD 124,740 for Relief Teacher.
Co-Investigator, The Humanities in Higher Education in Hong Kong: Implications for Society and the Individual (Research Grants Council - General Research Fund), Project Code: U616494, 01-01-2017 to 31-05-2019. HKD 753,500.00.
Principal Investigator, Cultural Policies, the Literary Community and Creative Writing in Singapore (Project Code: AL08808), CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants) 01-04-2009 to 31-03-2010, HKD 47,312.