Postgraduate Research Students

Name Degree Research Area Contact Info. Room No.
Literary Studies
Au Wai Ching Aerith Ph.D. Creative writing; YA literature; cultural studies; postcolonial studies; literature and film; Asian American literature 3943 5713 Rm 308
CAI Xiaoqian Charlotte Ph.D. Victorian literature, poetry and poetics, literature and philosophy, literature and religion 3943 5715 Rm 311
CHAN Sze Lok Charlotte M.Phil. Literature and Gender; Feminist Criticism; Literature and Film; Hong Kong Literature; Creative Writing 3943 7016 Rm 312
CHAN Ying Tung Vivien Ph.D.   3943 5713 Rm 308
CHIM Wung Cheong Raphael Ph.D. Literature and religion; empiricism, determinism, and literature; Japanese and Comparative Philosophy 3943 5713 Rm 308
CHUI Yeuk Ling Chamois M.Phil. Edwardian literature, Modernism, Travel literature, Chaos in literature, Creative writing, Popular culture 3943 7016 Rm 312
CHUNG Elizabeth Edith M.Phil. Hong Kong Literature, Postcolonial/World Literature, Identity and Local Cultures, Creative Writing, Subaltern Voices, Popular Culture, Canonical Influences. 3943 7016 Rm 312
DALY Stephen Paul Ph.D. Nineteenth and twentieth century literature; American Gothic; modernism 3943 5712 Rm 306
FUNG Yuet Fai Shirley M.Phil. The works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, psychoanalytic criticism, literature and philosophy, literature and art, and feminism. 3943 7016 Rm 312
GRAY Peter Scott Ph.D.   3943 5711 Rm 311
Harling Alice Victoria Ph.D. 3943 7001 Rm 303A
HO Adrian Ph.D. Crime and Detective Fiction, Law and Literature, Romanticism and Gothic 3943 5715 Rm 311
HSU Yuk Kwan Amanda Ph.D. Enlightenment humanism; posthumanism; realist and naturalist literature; speculative fiction; literature in English by Asian writers    
LIU Lurong Cora Ph.D. Australian literature, ecocriticism, new materialism 3943 5715 Rm 311
LIU Ziyuan Leonard Ph.D. Comparative literature; Postmodernism; Contemporary fiction; Latin American literature in 20th century. 3943 7001 Rm 303A
LUI Chung Man Pinky Ph.D. Feminist criticism; gender and literature; modernism; twentieth-century literature; literary censorship 3943 5712 Rm 306
NARCISO Alana Leilani Ph.D. Philippine literary criticism, literary pedagogy, reader-response/affective theory, New Critical pedagogy 3943 5713 Rm 308
TANG Bin Brittany Ph.D. Shakespeare, adaptation, literary translation, globalization and multiculturalism 3943 5715 Rm 311
ZHOU Ying Zoe Ph.D. Modern poetry, especially Irish Poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries; language and poetic forms; literary modernism; cultural studies 3943 5712 Rm 306
Applied English Linguistics
CHAK Ho Ting Fiona M.Phil. Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Digital Literacy    
DING Yanyin Kris Ph.D. Digital Discourse Analysis, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Language Use in Digital Age 3943 5710 Rm 303C
HOU Miao Doris M.Phil. Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA), vocabulary learning, Cognitive Linguistics 3943 5710 Rm 303C
HOU, Yiran Ph.D. Digital literacies, digital discourse analysis, heteroglossia, gender identity. 3943 5711 Rm 304
HUNG Tsun Sing Jason M.Phil. Second language acquisition, Second language writing, Discourse analysis, Corpus linguistics 3943 5710 Rm 303C
LI Jianjun Danny Ph.D. Reading Motivation; Second Language Acquisition; ISLA; Corpus Linguistics 3943 5714 Rm 310
LI Weiyi Ph.D. Second language (L2) pragmatics, developmental pragmatics, L2 pragmatics learning and instruction, Second language acquisition (SLA). 3943 5710 Rm 303C
LIN Yi Elaine Ph.D. multimodality, critical discourse analysis, ecolinguistics, environmental communication, celebrity studies 3943 5711 Rm 304
LIU Guangxiang Leon Ph.D. Language identities, investment, digital literacies, multimodal composing, intercultural communication 3943 5714 Rm 310
OLIVEIRA DA SILVA Fabrício Ph.D. English for Academic Purposes, Critical ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Needs Analysis, Learner Autonomy 3943 5714 Rm 310
TENG Zhiqian Crystal M.Phil. L2 phonology, World Englishes, China English 3943 5710 Rm 303C
TRAN Minh Hoang Henry Ph.D. Testing and evaluation, academic vocabulary, vocabulary teaching and teaching, material design, second language acquisition (SLA), and gamification (technology) 3943 5714 Rm 310
WANG Honglan Ella Ph.D. Second language acquisition (SLA), task-based language teaching (TBLT), corpus linguistics, English grammar, World Englishes 3943 5711 Rm 304
ZHANG Wenrui Rachel M.Phil. Second Language Acquisition, Task-based Language Teaching, Spoken English 3943 5710 Rm 303C
ZHANG Yue Ellen Ph.D. Language learning motivation and investment, language identities, and English for Specific Purposes 3943 5711 Rm 304