Theses Awarded

2018 Desiring Endurance: A Study of the Novels by J.G. Ballard (Lau, Wan Tung Carolyn)
2018 Madness and Folly in the Plays of William Shakespeare (Winckler, Reto Thomas Edgar)
2018 Duration, Memory, and Creative Emotion - Reading Nabokov with Bergson (Cao, Derong Dylan)
2018 Beckett and the Rites of Disenchantment (Stiegelmar, Michael Edward)
2017 Identity, History, National Imaginaries: Constructing Narratives of Post-imperial China and England(Li, Zhiwei)
2017 Queering Chinese Kinship in Cinematic and Popular Cultures n Contemporary Mainland China(Song, Lin)
2017 Melancholy, Emotions and Feelings in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction (Peng, Yao Alexandra)
2017 “It’s one of the conditions of being human” – Paul Auster’s Intertextual and Intersubjective Invention of Solitude (Chen, Ru Danny)
2017 Shakespeare and Gender Ambiguity (Cheng, On Yee Franziska)
2016 Evelyn Waugh and the Pursuit of Permanence (Chan, Sze Man Mandy)
2016 Elegiac Irony: A Study of Charlotte Smith’s Poetry (Chen, Shiqin)
2016 “The Seeds of Limitlessness”: Dambudzo Marechera’s Radical Utopian Thinking (Chow, Shun Man Emily)
2016 The Sacred in the Poetry of Judith Wright and Les Murray(Lamb, Kirsten Emma Wailing)
2015 Domination, Alienation and Freedom in Ha Jin’s Novels: A View from Afar (Zhang, Hongxuan Emma)
2014 Ethical Realism: Narrative, History and Identity in V.S. Naipaul’s Transnational Fiction (Zhang, Dexu)
2013 Sympathy for Animal(ized) Other in Selected Works of J.M. Coetzee (Chan, On Yue Joyce)
2013 Popular Shakespeare in China: 1993-2008 (Li, Jun)
2012 “Never to be yourself and yet always” – Virginia Woolf’s Quest for Paradoxical Impersonality in Fiction Writing (Huang, Zhongfeng)
2011 Female Entrapment in the Works of Elizabeth Stoddard, Kate Chopin, and Edith Wharton (Long, Xiang)
2011 R.S. Thomas and the Poetics of Incarnation (Li, Chit Ning)
2010 Byron’s “Don Juan” and Nationalism (Gu, Yao)
2009 Through Female Eyes: Paula Vogel and the Dramatic Tradition (Jin, Lili)
2009 Emily Dickinson and China (Kang, Yanbin)
2009 The Affirmation of Ordinary Life ‐ a Comparative Study of Middlemarch and Honglou Meng (An, Ning)
2007 Keats and Negative Capability. (Li, Ou)
2005 Relationality, Trauma and Recovery: A Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Narratives in Selected Writing by Writers of Chinese Ethnicity. (Young, Ada)
2005 Fiction and Incompleteness of History: Toni Morrision, V.S. Naipaul, and Ben Okri. (Zhu, Ying Julia)
2004 Clothes Make the Wo/Man: Cross-Dressing and Gender on the English Renaissance Stage and the Later Imperial Chinese Theatre. (Liao, Weichun Spring)
2004 Language and the Divided Self: Ethical and Psychoanalytical Readings of Selected Plays by Eugene Oeill. (Xie, Qun Serena)
2003 Bestiality, Animality, and Humanity: A Study of the Animal Poems by D.H. Lawrence and Ted Hughes in Their Historical and Cultural Contexts. (Chen, Hong Lily)
2003 Ideology and Utopia in Science Fiction. (Leong, Hang Tat Jacky)
2003 The Mother as the Other ?A Psychoanalytic and Feminist Reading of Motherhood in Ibsen, Oeill and Pinter. (Liu, Yan)
2002 The Female Self, Body and Food: Strategies of Resistance in Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, Zhang Jie and Xi Xi. (Li, Tsui Yan Jess)
2001 Body Politics and Female Subjectivity in Modern English and Chinese Fiction. (Lo, Man Wa)
2000 Ideology and Beyond: The Nature and Significance of Wordsworth’s Postrevolutionary Turn to the “Still, Sad Music of Humanity”. (Ding, Hongwei)
1998 Crisis and Identity: Representations of Nation and Home in Hong Kong Cultural Imaginary. (Cheung, Mee Kwan Esther)
1996 The Crisis of the Body and Chinese Modernity: A Trans-contextual Study of the Self-fashioning in Modern Chinese Poetry, 1920-1945. (Mi, Jiayan)
1996 Art, New Culture, and Women: The Reception of the Pre-Raphaelites in China. (Wong, Pui Ling Linda)
1994 The Historical Formation of Romantic Egotism: Sensibility, Radicalism, and the Reception of Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s Early Poetry. (Yu, Kwan Wai Eric)
1993 Reading (as) the Other: Hermeneutics, Marginality and Chinese-Western Comparative Discourse. (Chu,Yiu Wai Stephen)