Theses Awarded

2019 Applying Cognitive Linguistics to Teaching English Past Tense and Progressive Aspect in the Foreign Language Classroom (Pang, Hiu Kwan Vanessa)
2018 Computer-Based Mediation and Cognitive Linguistics Inspired Instruction to English Prepositions (Wong, Man Ho Ivy)
2018 From EFL, through EMI, to Study Abroad: The Evolving English Learning Motivation of Chinese Students in Multiple Learning Contexts (Du, Xujia Jessie)
2018 The Evolution of L2 Identities during Study Abroad: Multiple Case Studies of Asian Inbound Exchange Students in Hong Kong (Xie, Yingying Amanda)
2017 English Language Commodification in a Beijing Tourism Spot: A Case Study of the Palace Museum (Xiao, Rong Smile)
2015 Motivating Factors for the Long Passives in Academic Writing (Zhang, Guiping Cathy)
2014 The Professional Identity Development of Preservice Postgraduate Diploma in Education (English) Teachers in Hong Kong (Chan, Wai Nga Gloria)
2014 Humor, Small Talk, and the Construction of Identity and Power in Workplace Instant Messaging (Mak, Chun Nam)
2014 Cause-effect Transitivity: A Lexical Semantic Classification and Analysis of Underpassivized Verbs in L2 English (Wong, Suzanne Shu-shan)
2014 Evaluation in Mainland Chinese English-major M.A. Thesis Literature Review Chapters (Xie, Jianping)
2014 A Corpus-based Study of Alternating Ditransitive Constructions in Chinese Learner English (Xu, Qi)
2013 Training the Perception and Production of English Vowels /I/ – /i:/, /e/ – /æ/ and /Ʊ/ – /u:/ by Cantonese ESL Learners in Hong Kong (Wong, Wing Sze)
2013 Exploring Peer Review from a Socio-cultural Perspective: A Reconceptualization of the Peer Review Activity System (Kong, Ying Yuk)
2013 The Core and Periphery of Lexical Bundles in Modern English Dialogues: A Comparative Study of English Varieties (Huang, Zeping)
2013 The Use of Lexical Bundles by Chinese EFL Learners at Different Levels of Advancement: A Corpus-based Study of Learners’ Examination Essays (Du, Juanjuan)
2013 Individual Differences in Learners’ Working Memory, Noticing of L2 Forms in Recasts and Their L2 Development in Task-based Interactions (Dai, Binbin)
2013 Social Networks, Intercultural Contact, and Self-Identities: Multiple Case Studies of CUHK Mainland Students on Exchange (Cui, Jiaying)
2012 Learner Autonomy, Agency, and Affordances: Multiple Case Studies of the Out-of-class English Learning of Highly Proficient University Students in Hong Kong (Chan, Hoi Wing)
2011 Phonological Variation of Consonants by Hong Kong Cantonese Speakers of English: A Sociolinguistics Perspective (Leung, Ming Ming Grace)
2011 A Mixed-method Investigation of the Second Language Motivation and Self-identities of English Majors in Mainland China (Jiang, Changsheng)
2010 Exploring Task-internal and Task-external Readiness: The Effects of Topic Familiarity and Strategic Planning in Topic-based Task Performance at Different Proficiency Levels (Bei, Xiaoyue)
2010 Sensitivity to Differences between Speech and Writing: Hong Kong Students’ Use of Syntactic Features in English (Chui, Sze Yan Amy)
2010 Focus on Form in Task-based Language Teaching ‐ Exploring the Effects of Post-task Activities and Task Practice on Learners’ Oral Performance (Li, Qian)
2010 Making Requests in Institutional E-mail Communication in Hong Kong: An Interlanguage and Intercultural Pragmatics Approach (Pan, Ping)
2009 Modeling L2 Speech Production and Performance: Evidence from Five Types of Planning and Two Task Structures (Wang, Zhan)
2009 Effects of Working Memory Capacity on L2 Task-based Speech Planning and Performance (Wen, Zhisheng)
2008 Metaphor and metonymy in Cantonese and English body-part idioms: A comparative, cognitive semantic study, with pedagogic applications (Leung, Chung Hong)
2007 Re-examining Factors that Affect Task Difficulty in TBLA. (Luo, Shaoqian Sheila)
2007 A Cognitive-Functional Linguistic Approach to EFL Writing Pedagogy. (Yuan, Ye Ronald)
2006 Strategy Use in Advanced EFL Readers: Identifying and Characterizing the Patterns of Reading Strategies Employed by Tertiary EFL Students. (Pang, Soi Meng Francine)
2005 The Acquisition of English Consonant Clusters by Hong Kong Learners. (Yam, Pui Suen Josephine)
2005 Pre-service EFL Teacher Education in Mainland China: Case Studies of BA/TEFL Curriculum Development. (Wu, Zunmin)
2005 Reticence, Anxiety and Performance of ChineseUniversity Students in Oral English Lessons and Tests. (Liu, Meihua Ellen)
2004 The Development of Hong Kong Pre-service EFL Teachers? Beliefs about Communicative Language Teaching in a Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Education. (Mak, Ho Yan Sabina)
2004 An Investigation of the Writing Processes of Chinese EFL Learners: Subprocesses, Strategies and the Role of the Mother Tongue. (Wang, Junju Lily)
2003 Conceptual Fluency in Second Language Learning: Chinese Advanced ESL Learners’ Production of OUT and UP Particles in English Verb Particle Constructions. (Lam, Lai Chuen Paul)
2002 The Acquisition of Metaphorical Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs by Chinese Learners of English: A Conceptual Metaphor and Image Schema Based Approach. (Li, Fuyin)
1998 Eventuality and Argument Alternations in Predicate Structures. (Wang, Lidi)
1997 The Pragmatic Theory of Simultaneous Interpretation. (Setton, Robin)
1996 Semantic Structure Theory and L2 Learning of English Adjectival Participles. (Wang, Chuming)
1984 An Investigation of Learning Strategies in Oral Communication That Chinese EFL Learners in China Employ. (Huang, Xiaohua)