Theses Awarded

2019 Enlightened, Romantic, and Gothic: The Sexual Identities of Mary Wollstonecraft (Wan, Yuen Yuk Liz)
2019 "It was one's body feeling, not one's mind": Virginia Woolf and Ballet (Leung, Ho Yee Chloe)
2019 The Detective and Restoring Order in the Work of G.K. Chesterton (Clarke, Kimberley Elizabeth)
2019 Reading Food: Gender, Sexuality, Class and Ethnicity in Contemporary East-Asian Diasporic Literature and Film (CHAN, Shuk Shun Nicholas)
2018 Outgrowing Life, Outliving Death - Youth and Madness in The Bell Jar, Norwegian Wood, and A Pale View of Hills (WU, Lok Ying Judy)
2018 Globalization and World Literature: David Mitchell and the Question of Centrality (ILCA, Dragos Ioan)
2018 Narrative Functions of Lepidoptera in the Novels of Vladimir Nabokov (DELAZARI, Natalia)
2018 From Fragmentation to Coherence: The Shift of Focus in Paul Auster's Works(CHAN,Tsz Wai Eunice)
2018 The Dialectical Making of Selves in Conrad's Fiction (LI, Hoi Kei Amy)
2017 Yeats and Sublime (Chan, Man Chu Irene)
2016 Self and Others: the Ethics of Postmodern Narrative in Philip Roth’s Novels(Zhang, Feiran)
2016 Already, But Not Yet: Albert Camus’ Coming Algeria and The First Man(Tsang, Kei Wing Janice)
2016 John Keats’s Poetics of Melancholy (Lo, Ka Tat David)
2016 Gendering the Poetic Subject: Masculinity and Femininity in Wordsworth’s Poetry (Luo, Tianshuo)
2016 Between the Good Hell and the False Faradise: Chan Koon-Chung’s Portrayal of Collective Anxiety in Late Socialist China (Liu, Yiwen Even)
2015 Finding the Place of Writing: Seamus Heaney as a Displaced Poet in Station Island(Kwok, Chun Yi Jenny)
2015 i: Posthuman God in Contemporary Transhumanist Literature (1982-2012) (Tam, Chun Man Antony)
2014 The Man and the Machine in Major Novels by D.H. Lawrence (Lau, Wan Tung Carolyn)
2014 Mary Shelley’s “Reflective Radicalism” in Frankenstein and The Last Man (Liang, Huiling)
2014 Time and Subjectivity in Time Travel Narratives (Wong, Ka Lee)
2013 Return to Fantasyland: A Defence of Disney (Chan, Yu Kwan)
2013 Rethinking World Literature: Reconfiguring a “World Literary Space” through Poststructuralist Thought (Chow, Shun Man Emily)
2011 Woolf’s Formal Inheritance of Byron’s Don Juan (Mak, Ka Yu)
2011 Jane Austen’s “Selfless” (Sub)version of Stereotypes (Chan, Ka Man Meg)
2011 The Mind of John Donne: A Cognitive Approach to the Metaphysical Conceit (Law, Lok Man)
2011 “Why are we set in this world?” – Gender Representation in Murakami Haruki’s Novels (Tsang, Yat Him)
2010 Visions of Enlightenment: Aspects of Buddhism in Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder (Chan, Tsz Shan)
2010 The Risus Purus: Laughter Today in Beckett’s Endgame and Pinter’s The Birthday Party (Lee, Tin Yan Grace)
2010 The Quest for Recognition: A Thematic Exploration in Jane Eyre, Villette, Cat’s Eye and Moral Disorder (Leung, Eva)
2010 The Synergistic Relationship between Painting and Poetry in Derek Walcott (Mao, Yuanbo)
2009 “The Open Wound”: Bodies and Space in Pinter and Kane (Chan, Woon Ki)
2009 Performativity and the Invention of Subjectivity in William Wordsworth and T.S. Eliot (Ng, Chak Kwan)
2009 A Resistance to Langue : Rereading Maxine Hong Kingston (Zhou, Yi)
2008 Dialogue and Community in Postmodernist Novels: Rushdie, Morrison, Marquez (Tsang, Tak Fai)
2008 Nationalism as Dilemma in (Semi)Colonial Contexts: Reading the Short Stories of James Joyce and Lu Xun politically (Zou, Meiyang)
2008 Journeys Viewed, Heard and Read: Literary Impressionism, Music and Consonance in Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage (Wong, Yong Yi)
2008 “I step through origins”: Different Forms of Piety in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry (Wong, Wai Man)
2008 The Environment of Hong Kong Theatrical Performance: Foreign Dramatic Texts in Local Performance (Shaw, Yomei)
2008 Reference and Representation in the Works of Gao Xingjian and Samuel Beckett (Coleman, Tara Jean)
2008 Alienation within Alienation: Jean Rhys’s Search for Identity (Chan, Chiu Fung Maria Goretti)
2007 The Importance of Being Honest – Honesty and the Development of Selves in George Orwell’s Autobiographical Writing. (Kwok, Tsz Ki)
2007 Representations of the American Civil War: Whitman, Crane and Bierce. (Kwok, Yat Kam Camie)
2007 Conflictual Self in the Modern World: A Study of Selected Works by Joseph Conrad and Yasunari Kawabata. (Lau, Chi Sum Garfield)
2007 Opening the Ground: Heaney’s Autobiography and his Interior Journey. (Shi, Huiwen)
2006 A City of Two “Winds”: The Hybridity of Hong Kong and Hongkong Yan. (Chan, Ching Yee Rose)
2006 Mourning in Shakespeare: Different Aspects of Surviving Death. (Chan, Lai Man Hester)
2006 Histories in Fictions: The Configuration of Hong Kong in Xu Xi’s History’s Fiction and David T.K. Wong’s Hong Kong Stories. (Siu, Lok Yi Phoebe)
2006 Words and Images: The Representations of Rebels in 1950s American Novels and Film. (Yong, Wai Ting Ruby)
2006 Female Body, Subjectivity and Identity in Jasmine, The Handmaid’s Tale and Nights at the Circus. (Yuen, Siu Fung Phoenix)
2005 Women Speaking, Spoken to and Spoken of: Feminist Readings of Selected Plays by Pinter. (Cheung, Wah Gerald)
2005 Personalizing Film Adaptation: Literature into Cinema in the Work of Roman Polanski. (Fung, Tat Yeung)
2005 The Images of Homeland in the Exile Poetry of Beidao and Joseph Brodsky. (Ko, Chung Man Cynthia)
2005 Negotiating Development from Childhood to Young Adulthood in Shakespeare. (Lam, Wai Yee)
2005 Reading Beckett and Yeats from a Crosscultural Perspective: A Reader-Oriented Approach. (Li, Mei Yee Florence)
2005 Consummation of Sexuality and Religion in the Love and Divine Poetry of John Donne. (Ng, Pui Lam Lorraine)
2004 Evolution of a Heroine: From Pride and Prejudice to Bridget Jones Diary. (Chan, Ka Ling Zoe)
2004 From Conrad’s ‘Alienation’ and ‘Impressionism’ To Nietzsche’s Philosophy. (Cheung, Ching Lap Dickson)
2004 Reading the ModernCity, Reading Joyce and Eliot: A Study of Flanerie in Literary Representation. (Lau, Kin Wai)
2004 Rhyme to See Myself? Exploring Identity in Seamus Heaney Early Poetry (1966-1975). (Li, Chit Ning Chloe)
2004 Voices of Resistance: Alternative Cultures in The Catcher in the Rye, One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest and Generation X. (Ma, Chun Lung Graham)
2004 Wandering Between Classes: The Depiction of Poverty in George Orwell Early Texts. (Tsang, Tim Josephine)
2004 Erasing the Myth of Autonomy: The Relational Self in J.M. Coetze Boyhood and Youth. (Tsui, Yuk Chun Nancy)
2004 Je est un autre: Multiple Selves in Autobiographical Fictions. (Wong, Chun Chi Nicole)
2004 Aspects of Music in Shakespearean Drama. (Wong, Ka Ki Katrine)
2003 The Unfolding of Self in the Mid-Nineteenth Century English Bildungsroman. (Cheung, Fung Ling Sally)
2003 The Multiplicity of the Detective Thriller as Literary Genre. (Kwok, Sze Ki Agnes)
2003 The Cultural Imaginary and Identity in the Works of Maxine Hong Kingston. (Tong, Wing Yin Susanna)
2003 Crimes & Criminals in William Trevor Novels. (Wong, Winnie)
2002 Social Influence and the Human Aspiration for Freedom: Two Fictions of Duality in the Late Victorian Age. (Lee, Kar Man Ida)
2002 Postcolonial Counter Discourse in Historical Novel Writing: The Construction of Historical Representation and Cultural Identity in One Hundred Years of Solitude, Midnight’s Children, and Flying Carpet. (Ng, Chui Yin Christine)
2002 Intertextual Variations: A Contrastive Study of Ellis Cornelia Knight, Angela Carter, Marina Warner and Paula Rego. (Wong, Man Ki Vanessa)
2002 Strategies of Authorship by Ethnic Minorities: Construction of Identity by Three Chinese-American Writers. (Wong, Yuen Wing Catherine)
2002 Post-colonial Discourses in Education, Language and Secondary School Textbooks of English in Hong Kong. (Keung, Yuen Kwan)
2001 A Momentary Stay against Darkness: Quest for Fulfillment in Robert Frost’s Poetry. (Leung, Choi Ha Florence)
2001 The Representation of Feminine Fear in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry. (Wong, Hiu Wing Fiona)
2001 A Study of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, E.M. Forster’s Maurice and John Rechy’s City of Night in relation to the self-identity of the ‘gays’. (Wong, Nga Lai)
2000 Towards the Gender Balance: The Struggle and Survival in D.H. Lawrence’s Novels. (Chung, Ka Man Amy)
2000 “Voice in the Heart”: Post-coloniality and Identity in Hong Kong English Language Literature. (Hooper, Brian John)
2000 The Murderoous Women: Madness in Modern Western and Chinese Women’s Literature. (Lui, Sha Lee Sally)
2000 Imagistic Action: An Interdisciplinary Study of Poetic Tension in Yeats’ Theatre. (Wong, Hing Yi Orieta)
2000 “Fictions of Crisis”: A Comparative Study of Some Aspects of Fictions by D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Mann. (Young, Ada)
2000 Fictionalized Death: A Comparative Study on Samuel Beckett, Albert Camus and Zhang Xianliang. (Mak, Mei Kwan Alisa)
1999 Gender Identity and Androgyny in “Shuang Shen” Au?- [Dual Bodies], “Orlando”, “A Room of One’s Own” and “The Illusionist”. (Kung, Siu Bing)
1999 The City and the Self in William Carols Williams’ Paterson. (Chan, Weng Kit Danny)
1999 Chinese Eyes, Eurasian Eyes on Timothy Mo’s Novels. (Choi, Yan Yan Cecilia)
1999 Visions of the Future in the Science Fiction of H.G. Wells. (Leong, Hang Tat Jacky)
1999 Female Subjectivity in the Fiction by Doris Lessing & Zhang Jie. (Li, Tsui Yan Jess)
1999 A Psychoanalytic Study of Indecision in Lord Jim, Half of Man is Woman, and The Frence Leutenant’s Woman. (Yu, Cheuk Keung Peter)
1999 Poetry of the Blues: The Lyrics of Robert Johnson & Blind Lemon Jefferson. (Cheung, Ming On Bernard)
1999 Convergence and Divergence: A Comparative Study of Myth and Tragic in Jiuge and Agamemnon. (Kuan, Ah Shan)
1998 Reflections of Narcissism in Three Novels by Oscar Wilde, Yukio Mishima and Gu Cheng. (Lai, Tak Yee Amy)
1998 The Lore of Childhood: Subversion of Gender Socialization in Certain Examples of English and Hong Kong Children’s Fiction Since the 1960s. (Chan, Mei Lan Maggy)
1998 The Representation of Space in Contemporary Hong Kong Nostalgic Films. (Chu, Wing Ki Blanche)
1998 Image and Identity: A Study of Connie Chan Po Chu and Josephine Siao Fong Fong as Popular Icons for Women in the Culture Industry in Hong Kong. (Ku, Ho Kwan Lisbeth)
1997 Power and Resistance in Dystopian Literature: A Foucauldian Reading of Three Novels. (Ki, Wing Chi)
1997 Love and Confinement in Jean Rhys’s Fiction. (Cheng, Mung Lai Clara)
1996 The Survival of Love in Pinter’s Drama of Hostility. (Wai, Kui Man Wendy)
1996 A Genre of Longing and Hope: Idea of the Child and Children’s Literature in Hong Kong. (Chan, Shin Kwan Meimei)
1996 Plurality of Identity and Culture: The Wanderer Motif in Contemporary Chinese and Chinese-American Writings. (Ho, Wai Kwan Katy)
1995 From Public Sphere to Interpretative Citizenship: Chang Ta-chun and the Ideal of Communicative Praxis. (Leung, Wing Sze Evelyn)
1995 Space of Exalted Repression and Complicitous Resistance: Approaching the Postmodern Hyperspace and Cyberspace through Fantasy. (Chan, Siu Ling Fiona)
1995 Betrayal in Contemporary British Drama: Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard and Peter Nichols. (Wong, Suk Yin Edith)
1994 The Female Self in Contemporary Chinese Fiction. (Lau, Kam Fung)
1994 Female Initiation in Modern Chinese Fiction. (Lo, Man Wa)
1994 The Uses of Sam Hui — An Investigation of the Formation of Cultural Identity in Hong Kong. (Ip, Pui Yee)
1994 Female Identity in Virginia Woolf and Wang Anyi. (Tsui, Wing Yi Wanda)
1993 The Hermeneutic Turn of Translation: Illustrated with Tang Poetry. (Chan, Kit Sze Amy)
1993 Adequacy of Landscape: Subjectivity in Wallace Stevens’s and Wang Wei’s Poetry. (Han, Pin Gara)
1991 Reviewing the Tamkang Review: Some Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Development of East-West Comparative Literature Studies. (Chen, Jue)
1991 Imagination in Sino-Western Comparative Perspectives. (Kwok, Wai Fong Agnes)
1990 A Comparative Study of the Mother Archetype in Death in Chicago and A Passage to India. (Kwan, Yuk Ching Carrie)
1990 Between Realist and Allegorical Discourse: A Comparative Study of Han Shaogong’s Fiction. (Ngai, Ling Tun)
1990 Metaphorical Process in Sikong Tu’s Shipin. (Lau, Chi Chuen)
1990 Theory, Institution and Text: Feminism and Critical Strategies. (Yu, Kwan Wai Eric)
1990 Zheng and Qi in Chinese and English Fictions. (Lee, Ka Pik)
1989 A Comparative Study of Teahouse. (He, Yongqing)
1989 The Chinese Short Story of l917-1927: Patterns of Influence. (Lu, Zheng Wei)
1988 Metamorphosis in the Chinese Narrative: A Comparative Study. (Chin, Wan Kan)
1988 A Semiotic Study of the Chinese Theatre. (Zhang, Ning)
1988 Love in Yuan Za-ju: A Comparative Psychological Study. (Wang, Li Jun)
1987 A Study of Lu-shih as an Aesthetic Form in the Chinese Lyrical Tradition. (Ho, Yiu Fai)
1986 Hsu Chih-mo’s Indebtedness to Katherine Mansfield. (Xiang, Li Ping)
1986 Plot in Ling Mengchu’s Short Stories in the Light of Aristotelian and Neo-Aristotelian Criticism. (Li,Kit Chun)
1986 The Organic Aesthetics of Liu Hsieh and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. (Leung, Ming Chu)
1984 Su Man-shu and Lord George Byron, A Question of Influence: Their Literary Relationship re-assessed. (Chu, Chih Yu)
1984 The Theme of Exile in the Li Sao: A Comparative View. (Jor, Chi Keung George)
1984 Wan-kao: A Study on a Chinese Genre in the Perspective of Western Genre Theory. (Wong, Ho Kwan Simon)
1983 Heterocosm and Ching-chieh: Towards a Concept of Interiority for the Literary Work of Art. (Chow, Tin Ping)
1983 The Journey’s End: Return in Four Novels. (Tam, King Fai)