Student Sharing

Echo Yuan (M.Phil. 2020)

My journey at our department was wonderful. The program was well-designed so that I could balance research, coursework, and teaching. My research had ups and downs, but I finally came through. I miss every advising meeting with my supervisor and also enjoy once-in-a-while chats and gatherings with other faculty members.

Kelvin Lui (M.Phil. 2011)

The close collaboration with faculty to devote myself in a specialised research agenda in language and ethnicity was rewarding. The unceasing encouragement by my dissertation supervisor to communicate my research findings in seminars and conferences was helpful for my professional development. I was also highly appreciative of the teaching assistant opportunities offered.

Arlynn Alarcon (M.Phil. 2015)

The courses in the programme have helped me in developing my skills to prepare myself for my aspirations of teaching English to ESL students in Hong Kong. As for the professors, they have been really helpful as they guided me throughout the years as I conducted my research. I highly recommend this programme to anyone interested in AEL and research.