Theses Awarded

2019 The Effects of Oral Corrective Feedback on Chinese Secondary School Students' Acquisition of English Past Tense (Qu, Congyi Joy)
2018 Publishing in English-medium Peer-reviewed Journals: A Case Study of Mainland Chinese Doctoral Students in Hong Kong (Li, Danling Renee)
2017 Attitudes of Teachers of English in Hong Kong towards Hong Kong English and its Segmental Features (Chan, Ka Long Roy)
2017 Concept-Based Instruction on English Modality: A Cognitive Linguistics Approach (Li, Xiaoduo Lexi)
2017 Phonology of China English: An Investigation of Vowel Realizations of Chinese Speakers of English(Wang, Qian Bobbie)
2016 The Discourse of Stance-taking and Inter-subjectivity in Hong Kong Policy Addresses(Chan, Hon Tung Thomas)
2016 Towards an Integrated Understanding of English Accents, Attitudes and Ideologies in the Postcolonial Context: A Case Study of Hong Kong (Ho, Sin Yu Bonnie)
2015 The Integration of Cultural Elements into ELT in a Senior High School in Mainland China: Perceptions of Local Teachers (Xie, Yingying Amanda)
2015 Applying Cognitive Linguistics to Teaching English Prepositions: An Experimental-CALL Study (Wong, Man Ho Ivy)
2015 Effects of Tonic Stress on English Intelligibility for Listeners Who Are Cantonese L1 Speakers of English (Leung, Ka Ngai Simon)
2015 Second Language Acquisition of English Verb-particle Constructions: Frequency and Semantic Transparency (Le, Fenfen)
2015 Language and Culture Learning in an English Language Four-Week Study Abroad Program in Canada (Chan, Sin Yu Cherry)
2015 The Relationship among Accent, Attitudes and Identity: A Study of the Philippine English of Filipino Transmigrants in Hong Kong (Alarcon, Arlynn Gutierrez)
2014 Metadiscourse in Professional and Popular Science Writing in Selected English Varieties (Zhang, Lei)
2014 The Promotion of Learner Autonomy in English Language Classrooms in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Teacher Perspectives (Yeung, Kin Ho)
2014 Discursive Construction of Self-Orientalism on the Official Tourism Website of China (Xiao, Rong)
2014 Systemic Functional – Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Junior High School EFL Textbooks in Mainland China (Lai, Haiyan)
2014 Facebook Group for Hong Kong Undergraduates: Linguistic Practices and Construction of Identities (Chau, Chun Yin)
2013 Communicative Acts and Identity Performance on YouTube First-person Vlogs: The Case of English-speaking Young People (Lien, Feng Pierre)
2011 Language Choice, Identity and Ideology among Second Generation Tamil Adolescent Transmigrants in Hong Kong (Lui, Hong Yee Kelvin)
2011 The Acquisition of English Aspect Morphology: An Investigation of the Developmental Routes and the Effects of Classroom Treatment (Lin, Shuyang)
2011 On the Acceptability and Status of Grammatical Features of Hong Kong English: Perceptions from Local Undergraduates to Hong Kong (Ting, Sum Pok)
2010 Cross-linguistic Influence in Third Language Comprehension: an Exploratory Study on the Role of L1 Chinese and L2 English in the Comprehension of L3 French Past Tense (Cai, Jing)
2010 The Effects of Lexical Input on L2 Writing: A Corpus-informed Approach (Huang, Zeping)
2010 Rape Talk: An Anaylsis of Dyadic Difference, Rape Myths, and Metaphors in CUHK Undergraduates’ Conversations (Lee, Shuk Ling Candy)
2009 The systematicity of vowel realizations in Hong Kong English (Law, Wai Ling)
2009 Investigating Hong Kong university students’ beliefs about English learning (Pan, Lin)
2008 /n/ and /l/ Variation in Onset Position in English and Cantonese by Hong Kong Cantonese Speakers of English (Leung, Ming Ming Grace)
2008 Disambiguating recasts with enhanced-salience in task-based interaction. (KONG, Ying Yuk Amy)
2008 A case study of a micro-term study abroad program : Japanese high school students who travel to Australia (Mito, Susanna K. Alexandra)
2008 English and Japanese learning motivation : a study of 2007 summer Japanese course students at CUHK (MAN, Ming Yu)
2007 The Cultural Identities and Language Choices of English Majors at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Wong, Kin Hung Karen)
2007 An Investigation of the English Vocubulary Knowledge of Senior Secondary School Students in Hong Kong. (Ng, Chun Ho John)
2007 The Effects of Pre-Task Planning on Fluency, Complexity and Accuracy in L2 Oral Narrative Tasks. (Mok, Joyce Mee Luen)
2007 Undergraduates’ Views and Uses of Teacher Feedback in Writing Classes: An Exploratory Study in Hong Kong. (Lui, Nga Kwan Emily)
2007 Attitudes and Motivation of CUHK Business Students towards English, Putonghua, and Cantonese. (Law, She Kay Lourdes)
2006 What Makes them Enjoy EFL Writing? Case Studies of the Writing Motivation and Composing Processes of Four Successful University EFL Student Writers. (Chan, Hing Yee Letty)
2006 The Motivation, Investment, and Language Learning of Adult EFL Learners in Hong Kong. (Chan, Wai Nga Gloria)
2006 The Effects of the Medium of Planning on the Written Performance in an EFL Context. (Chan, Ying Shan Erica)
2006 The Role of Formulaic Language in the Spoken Performances of Native and Nonnative Speakers of English. (Lin, Ming Sum Phoebe)
2005 Learning English Phonics in a Task-supported Way: Effects of Task elements on articulation accuracy and attitudes towards Phonics learning among junior secondary learners in Hong Kong. (Tsoi, Chun Ho)
2005 Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in Oral Interaction Tasks: The Effects of Comprehension and Negotiation. (Tjan, Yuet Fong Carol)
2005 Gender and Disciplinary Variations in Academic Book Reviews ?A Corpus-based Study on Metadiscourse. (Tse, Po Ting Polly)
2005 An Investigation of the English Vocabulary Knowledge of University Students in Hong Kong. (Chui, Sze Yan Amy)
2005 The Motivation of Successful English Language Learners in Hong Kong. (Chan, Hoi Wing)
2004 Implementation of Peer Response in Secondary 4 English Writing Classes in Hong Kong: A Case Study. (Ho, Chi Ho Allen)
2004 Sociocultural Adaptation of Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs) in Hong Kong Secondary Schools. (Lee, Ka Man Kathy)
2004 The Particle-based Learning of English Phrasal Verbs: A Conceptual Metaphor and Image Schema Based Approach. (Leung, Chung Hong Danny)
2004 Brain-based English Activity Programs for Primary EFL Students: Comparing “Actional” and “Pictorial” Approaches to Teaching and Learning English Action Verbs. (Wong, Ka Sin Kasina)
2003 English Classroom Interaction in Hong Kong: patterns and perspectives from Secondary School Junior students. (Lam, Tsui Shan Shirley)
2002 An Analysis of the Primary School English Language Curriculum in Hong Kong, 1967-97. (Chan, Ho Leung Derek)
2002 Cultures of Writing: An Ethnographic Investigation of the Composing Processes of Two EFL Secondary School Learners. (Cheung, Wai Jee Carol)
2002 The Attitude of University Students in Hong Kong Towards Native and Non-Native Teachers of English. (Cheung, Yin Ling Paulina)
2002 Sociocultural Adaptation and Identity: A Multi-Case Study of Young New Arrivals from Mainland China. (Hung, Mong Ping)
2002 Film as a Medium for Improving EFL Students’ English: A Case Study. (Ng, Wai Chuen Stacey)
2002 Effect of Affix Learning on Chinese EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Knowledge. (Wong, Mei Kiu Fanny)
2002 An Investigation of English Language Needs of Engineering Students at Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia. (Nugraha, Meedy)
2002 A Comparison of the Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS) and the Current Methodology of Vocabulary Teaching in Hong Kong EFL Classroom. (Yeung, Siu Fung Betty)
2002 Enhancing Language Awareness in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom in Hong Kong. (Lam, Wai Man Helen)
2001 The Role of Interpretation Task in the Learning of English Ergative Construction by Cantonese ESL Learners. (Ho, Ki Kingsley)
2001 The Influence of Writing Conferences on EFL Writing Processes. (Lin, Hin Sze Iris)
2001 A Multi-case Study of Native English Speaking Teachers in Hong Kong Secondary Schools. (Chu, Shun Lung Kenneth)
2001 Second Language Reading Instruction: Inferencing Strategy Training at the Secondary 2 Level. (Cheung, Po Yan Winnie)
2001 A Task-based Non-formal English Immersion Programme in the Chinese EFL Context. (Mak, Ho Yan Sabina)
2000 The Acquisition of English Plosives in Syllable Final Position by Mandarin and Cantonese Speakers. (Yam, Pui Suen Josephine)
2000 Grammar and Beyond Grammar in the Chinese Tertiary EFL Classroom: A Language Awareness Perspective. (Yang, Ying)
1999 On the Interface Properties of Chinese Modals. (Wong, Nai Fai)
1999 Acquisition of Wh-questions by a Cantonese-English Bilingual Child. (Peng, Ling Ling)
1998 A Study of Right Dislocation in Cantonese. (Cheung, Yam Leung)
1998 The Acquisition of Middles and Unacusatives by Cantonese ESL Learners. (Chan, Mable)
1998 The Lexical Classifier Parameter and the L2 Acquisition of Cantonese Nominals. (Au Yeung, Wai Hoo)
1998 Structure: More Evidence from English and Chinese. (Gu, Gang)
1998 The Acquisition of Adverbial Placement in Chinese by Native Speakers of English. (Ng, Shuk Han)
1997 A Predication Theory for English Resultative and Cantonese Resultative Dou-Constructions. (Wong, Nga Yee Belinda)
1996 An Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Advertisements. (Luk, Anne)
1996 Task Motivation in Language Learning — A Comparative Study among Chinese Learners of English in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (Ho, Mei Ling Anna)
1996 A Study of the Validity of the HKCE English (B) Paper III. (Suen, Lai Kuen Denise)
1996 Analyed Linguistic Knowledge, Cognitive Control, Working Memory, Intelligence and Reading in Chinese and English. (Zhou, Lan)
1996 The Acquisition of Finiteness in Verb Complementation by Cantonese ESL Learners. (Choi, Lai Kun)
1996 A Sociolinguistic Study of Code-mixing of Hong Kong. (Lee, Siu Lun)
1995 The Middle Construction in English and Chinese. (Ji, Xiaoling)
1995 The Lexical Semantics of Motion Verbs. (Tan, Lee Yong)
1994 Triggering the Unlearning of Null Arguments: The Null Argument Parameters in the ILS of Chinese L2 Learners of English. (Yang, Xiaolu)
1994 A Study on the Morphological Aspects of the Verb-Complement Compounds in Chinese. (Wang, Lidi)
1991 Cultural Schemata in ESL/EFL Reading Comprehension: A Developmental Perspective. (Leung, Kwok Wing)
1991 The Acquisition of English Word Stress by Cantonese ESL Learners. (Wong, Sin Ping Cathy)
1991 The Acquisition of English Passive Structure by Chinese ESL Learners. (Zhou, Jihua)
1991 The Acquisition of the English Dative by Chinese ESL Learners. (Hua, Dongfan)
1990 Second Language Classroom Research: A Developmental Perspective of Teachers’ Error Correction Behaviour in an Anglo-Chinese Secondary School’s Classroom in Hong Kong. (Lei, Chin Hai Betty)
1989 The Effect of Grammatical Instruction on the Acquisition of English as a Second Language. (Zhou, Yan Ping)
1989 Attitudes and Motivation in the Learning of English by Chinese EFL Students at the Tertiary Level. (Gu, Yongqi)
1989 The Development and Use of English Modal Auxiliaries in Chinese EFL Learners. (Huang, Chenfeng)
1987 A Critical Evaluation of the Language Plan Proposed in the Education Commission Report (1984): A Language Planning Perspective. (Yau, Man Siu)
1986 A Comparison of the Effects of Reading Aloud and Silent Reading on Comprehension among Chinese EFL Learners. (Guo, Dan Qing)
1986 The Effects of Mode on Syntactic and Rhetorical Complexity for EFL Students at Three Grade Levels. (Siu, Kwai Peng)
1986 An Analysis of the Communicative Functions of the Revised English Syllabuses for Hong Kong Schools. (Mo, Ping Kui)
1986 An Investigation of the Transitional Patterns in the Learning of English Negation by EFL Learners in China. (Hou, Qi’an)
1986 Accuracy and Fluency: A Comparison of Native and Non-native Evaluation of Compositions Written by EFL Learners in China. (Guo, Sujuan)
1986 Cognition and Comprehension: A Study of the Need for Incorporation of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in English as a Second Language Remedial Reading Programmes. (Costin, Wei Hao Shen Barbara)
1986 Reading in General English and in ESP by Chinese Readers: Students’ Comprehension Difficulties and Implications for Classroom Teaching. (Yu, Fei)
1986 An Investigation of the Patterns of Learning English Interrogative Structures by EFL Learners in China. (Chen, Jianping)
1985 A Diary Study of Teaching EFL Through English and Through English and Chinese to Early Secondary School Students in Remedial English Classrooms. (Ho, Fong Wan Kam Belinda)
1983 To Play or Not to Play: A Study of the Attitudes of English Language Teachers and Students in Hong Kong Towards Language Games. (Man, S.Y. Paulita)