Student Sharing

Even Liu (Graduate of 2014)

I was admitted by the ELS MA programme in 2013, and had spent an intense year with prominent professors and peer students. From different genres to a large-scale literary history, from critical approaches to creative writing, I was exposed to a wide range of literary knowledge. We are trained not only to appreciate literary works, but to appreciate them with observant eyes and a critical mind. It is this intellectually stimulating experience that ignited my passion to pursue a further adventure in the English Department. So here I am now, proudly continue the academic expedition in the MPhil programme.

Emily Chow (Graduate of 2011)

Being a full-time MA student of literary studies was blissful not only because of classmates who were also very passionate in literature but also the enthusiastic Professors who spared no effort to teach and guide me, whether during or outsider the class. The well planned modules covered a board range of literary texts and made it possible for me to explore different aspects of literature in a rather short period of time. Such a vast coverage indeed helped me locate my research interest and paved the way for my PhD studies! As a matter of fact, the compulsory individual research project significantly polished my research skill and prepared myself for the research degrees I pursue then. It is the kind of intensive yet diversified learning experience that breeds and nourishes you for going further in the academia.