Student Sharing

Andrew Wong (Graduate of 2023)

I feel very much at home here, for which I am deeply indebted to all professors and classmates who have welcomed me with open arms, pardoned my ignorance at times, and patiently led me into their realm of literature, where I, as a business undergraduate, had never imagined setting foot in. My time here has trained me to be a critical but compassionate reader, honed my analytical skills without stifling my creativity, and opened doors to further studies and career opportunities. I shall be leaving with an inexhaustible book list and some fond memories – strolls by the pond, hikes to campus, hours in the library, and many more – which will always have a place in my heart.

Bonnie Wai (Graduate of 2023)

For as long as I can remember, literature has been a constant companion in my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to further explore its depths through this MA program. Teaching English literature has been an incredibly fulfilling experience thus far, and it has played a significant role in shaping my decision to pursue this program part-time.

During this program, I was able to acquire knowledge in a way that mirrored my students’ learning process. This enabled me to empathize with the challenges they might encounter. All this would not have been achievable without the passionate and enthusiastic professors who possessed a profound depth of knowledge in the field of literature. They have expanded my literary horizons, introducing me to a vast realm of literature ranging from timeless classics and contemporary novels to science fiction.

To those considering this MA program, I encourage you to follow your passion and broaden your literary expertise.

Charis Yeung (Graduate of 2023)

About two years ago, I flicked through this programme website (perhaps like you), studying the course descriptions and weighing my options. By then, I had graduated from my Bachelors’ degree for two years, secured a full-time teaching position, and was looking to further my journey in literature and research. I was uncertain as to where my journey could be heading, but was sure of my enthusiasm that had been bubbling over the bedside table where I indulge in quiet reading.

That year, I enrolled into the programme as a part-time student, eager to bury myself in texts and engage in conversations that would challenge me intellectually. I was not disappointed, to say the least. I greatly appreciate the breadth of genres that the programme offered, as well as the thoughtful curation of texts and materials by the professors. The classroom was always inviting, thus filled up by gripping discussions that often left me going, “Genius! How did I not think about that?” These tiny moments of epiphany were deeply fulfilling. Now, when I’m reading alone at a buzzing cafe, I often feel the urge to strike up a conversation about it with someone.

This past June, I graduated from the programme with perhaps a couple pounds more of literary knowledge, and a clearer sense as to where this journey of mine is taking me. And if you too, are looking to expand your literary experience, then look no further and seize your chance.

Rebecca Dong (Graduate of 2023)

I am Rebecca. The fleeting year I spent studying at CUHK has left an everlasting impression on my life. This MA program offered courses that covered different topics, which helped me explore and locate my areas of interest. I was intellectually challenged and inspired by the critical theories, and I was mesmerized by traces of Gothic tradition and heritage in English literature. All the professors I met demonstrated expertise and dedication toward teaching and research; the thought-provoking discussions with my professors and classmates constantly motivated me to delve deeper into literary analysis. This program has deepened my love for literature and prepared me for future academic explorations.

Michael Lui (Graduate of 2022)

Dirk Yin (Graduate of 2022)

I'm Dirk, a mainland student from last year (2021-2)'s CUHK ELS program. It is my great pleasure and honor to share my experience studying in this wonderful community. Perhaps a lot of you are new to Hong Kong, hence my experience will be featuring three aspects about your upcoming year at this fascinating metropolis.

The first thing is, of course, the academic excellence. Even this might be among the last few stops before your disembarkation at the real society, which is surely exciting and dazzling, it's still the very beginning of your lifelong study. Hence, I would strongly suggest that you should seize the time and find your lifelong interest -- you've read so many books, articles, reviews, and theories. Is there any question unanswered? Is there any problem unsolved? There must be, and your duty as a student here is to find the question/problem that is so important to both you and the society you are in that it will irritate you from a sweet sleep, deter you from your inner peacefulness, and awaken you from self-indulgence. To find this important question/problem is so crucial, that not only the excellence of your Final Project depends totally on it, but also the meaningfulness of your academic career.

The second thing is to make the best of your opportunity of living in Hong Kong. To be honest, I was so disappointed during the first two months in HK, for its money-mania, for instance, and other things that would cause the disenchantment of a mainland outsider. However, the deeper you get involved in the city, the more you see, meet, think, and reflect, the more surprises you will have from this place. It's okay to connect your experience in HK with your academic interest, but if not, your experience here will still be a unique part of your personal history.

The last thing, future. This is a vital thing that you have to be aware of at this time. Think about your future after this program. What can it provide for you, and your future career in HK, mainland or wherever in the world? Set goals for your future and draw the most from this program. If you don't know what you want, all the help will be useless. Those idealistic dreams to read for reading’s sake, study for study’s sake are only for the gifted or geniuses. As common people, we have been thrown into the reality from the very beginning.

I earnestly hope that my sharing will be helpful for your study and your life in the upcoming year.

Celine Vitto (Graduate of 2021)

If you’re reading this, it means you’re interested in sinking your teeth into this MA programme. Look no more as I guarantee you that it’s exactly what will fit your learning and academic needs.

I enrolled as a part-time student and graduated in 2021. Currently, I’m an English teacher at a local secondary school. I experienced completing my masters in a hybrid mode as the pandemic struck halfway of my first year. Yet, the programme carried on the quality it had promised - with being able to speak our minds during the lectures and to be able to critique well. I fell in love with English literature only when I was in my undergrad and I wanted to pursue it further. I thought that what is offered here in CUHK was what I needed, suitable for those exploring but deep enough for our minds to be stretched. What’s more is what our professors’ credentials bring to us, with a combination of expertise and experience, I found myself aspiring to be like them one day wherein they impart knowledge in such a grace that is unlike other specialists in the field. If you are able to enter this programme, congratulations, expect to have fun and to be intellectually challenged.

Zoe Zhao (Graduate of 2020)

The MA programme in English literary studies was one of the most enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding learning experiences in my life. It broadened my horizons with a wide variety of exciting modules while allowing me to locate and pursue my own research interest, which eventually led me to a PhD in English Literature funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council at the University of York. The Department has specialists in different niche areas of literature, and everyone in my cohort was always keen to offer fascinating insights. Together, they made a vibrant community for literary studies. There was never a dull day between a stroll through the Western canon, Shakespeare in performance, the Gothic literary world, and everything else that we got to explore.

Helen Wu (Graduate of 2017)

My name is Wu, You (Helen), and I was a student of the MA in English (Literary Studies) programme at CUHK in the year 2016-17. I am now an English book editor at Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (SFLEP).

The MA programme provided an opportunity to explore several literary topics in depth. There was a balance between lectures, discussion, and reading of relevant literary works. One could also hear the sharings by professors in the English Department on their latest researches. I felt lucky to have met inspiring and passionate professors and like-minded classmates during my study at CUHK.

It is after I started working as book editor that I truly learnt the importance of my education as an English major student. All that I read and wrote at university has become the resource at my service. And it is a resource I can use to fuel my career for a lifetime.

Ewan Zhao (Graduate of 2017)

Even Liu (Graduate of 2014)

I was admitted by the ELS MA programme in 2013, and had spent an intense year with prominent professors and peer students. From different genres to a large-scale literary history, from critical approaches to creative writing, I was exposed to a wide range of literary knowledge. We are trained not only to appreciate literary works, but to appreciate them with observant eyes and a critical mind. It is this intellectually stimulating experience that ignited my passion to pursue a further adventure in the English Department. So here I am now, proudly continue the academic expedition in the MPhil programme.

Emily Chow (Graduate of 2011)

Being a full-time MA student of literary studies was blissful not only because of classmates who were also very passionate in literature but also the enthusiastic Professors who spared no effort to teach and guide me, whether during or outsider the class. The well planned modules covered a board range of literary texts and made it possible for me to explore different aspects of literature in a rather short period of time. Such a vast coverage indeed helped me locate my research interest and paved the way for my PhD studies! As a matter of fact, the compulsory individual research project significantly polished my research skill and prepared myself for the research degrees I pursue then. It is the kind of intensive yet diversified learning experience that breeds and nourishes you for going further in the academia.