The World in English: an Oxford Summer Programme

Students will be selected by a panel of senior staff based on achievement in relevant Department courses and willingness and likely capacity to benefit. Classes will be divided in two strands: “Literature, Linguistics and Society”; “Current Affairs: Britain and the World”. Oxford tutors will conduct 4 hours’ face-to-face teaching a day for 5 days a week. Students will spend some evenings and weekend days in excursions to London and Stratford for plays and other cultural sites. Fieldwork and cultural explorations will be closely supervised by College nominees and/or Department staff. Full reflective essays and diary-plus-video are required of all participants for presentation within CUHK at their own college presentation evenings, and to other English Department majors at university orientation events. Each student on return will be expected to volunteer for either a teaching role for underprivileged students or one of CUHK’s ICARE service projects (Possibility of financial contribution being waived for needier candidates). Classes will take place in St Hilda’s College Oxford for 3 weeks during the summer term, between second and third years.