Life Stories by students

(ENGE3360 Special Topics in Creative Writing: Reading Alice Munro and Writing Life-Stories)

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Life-Stories Author
The Fire from An Ember Mono Chow
The Fog Had Cleared Winifred Law
Episodes of the Albatross Marco Yung
What Now Larry Lo
Asakusa Redemption Jeffery Sze-To
Munchausen Syndrome Mono Chow
When We Turn From Light Valerie Yeung
Smile Hayden Check
Serendipity Mandy Lo
Did You Take a Picture of It? Larry Lo
Flying Chair Nikolas Reed
Speed Nikolas Reed
Walking and Listening Nikolas Reed
What You Should Do to Become a Writer Ingrid Luk
Life-Stories Author
The Fruit Platter Aleena Touqeer
My Father Brought Home a Girl Angel Woo
Flame and Cloud Ariel Wen
Hide-and-Seek Christopher Woo
Corn Starch CL
Quicksand Clarizza Catingan
Things I Didn't Say to You Clarizza Catingan
Daffodils Hetty Lau
Face Hetty Lau
Two Bottles in Framheim Hung Pui Yin
Frisbee Jeric Chen
Life-Seeker Wong Ho Ching Jan
Origin of Insanity Wong Ho Ching Jan
Life-Stories Author
Lights Cyrus Chan
To be Six Linda Tabea Struebel
Mothers and Daughters Linda Tabea Struebel
My Dear, Dear Driver Ray Huang
My Waterloo Lou
Reverie Cheng Tin Yin
Dream of the Desertshore Stanley Wong
The Rock Stanley Wong
Where the Wild Dogs Are Dorothy Chang Yan Tung
Gilded Cage Scarlet