Course Categories

Given the flexibility of course options in our undergraduate programme, students might wish to consider the following categories when deciding on courses.

Elective Courses that provide a firm foundation in canonical English Literary Studies

These are courses that provide a firm grounding in canonical literary studies. A concentration of these courses would especially important for students who might pursue postgraduate studies.

ENGE2130 (How to Read) Masterpieces of Literature
ENGE2300 Drama: from the Jacobean Period to the Restoration
ENGE2310 Drama: from Ibsen to the Present
ENGE2320 Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Fiction
ENGE2340 Poetry: from the Renaissance to the Augustan Age
ENGE2350 Poetry: from the Romantics to the Modernists
ENGE2370 From Romanticism to Modernism
ENGE2380 Twentieth-Century Fiction
ENGE2390 Reading Poetry
ENGE2640 Introduction to World Literature in English
ENGE2650 From the Renaissance to Enlightenment
ENGE3000 Issues in Comparative Literature
ENGE3110 Romanticism
ENGE3120 Modernism
ENGE3150 English Language and Literature
ENGE3340 Nineteenth-Century Literature
ENGE3500 Shakespeare
ENGE4100 Major Author(s)
ENGE4110 Love, Death, and God in English Renaissance Poetry
ENGE4120 Reading Paradise Lost
ENGE4130 Issues in Literary Criticism
ENGE4140 Topics in East/West Comparative Literature
ENGE4150 Reading Dante’s Inferno

Elective Courses aligned with contemporary trends in English Literary Studies

These are courses that reflect contemporary trends in literary studies with emphases on various topics.

ENGE1800 Drama in Performance I
ENGE1900 Heroes and Monsters: From Gilgamesh to Game of Thrones
ENGE2110 Crime Fiction
ENGE2120 Literature and Human Rights
ENGE2140 Superheroes in Graphic Novel, Comics and Film
ENGE2150 Nineteenth-Century Novels on screen
ENGE2160 American Popular Song Lyric
ENGE2170 Literature & Medicine
ENGE2190 Gods Behaving Badly: Myths and Legends from Around the World
ENGE2200 Authors and Authority
ENGE2210 Song and Poetry: The Literature of Song and Song-Writing
ENGE2220 Existentialism and Literature
ENGE2360 Children’s Literature
ENGE2700 Drama in Performance II
ENGE2950 English Literature and Culture Study Tour
ENGE2960 The World in English: an Oxford Summer Programme
ENGE3160 Major Concepts in American Literature
ENGE3170 Major Concepts in European Literature
ENGE3180 Major Concepts in World Literature
ENGE3190 Literature and Culture
ENGE3200 Literature and Art
ENGE3210 Literature and Religion
ENGE3220 Literature and Film
ENGE3230 Gender and Literature
ENGE3250 Other Literatures in English
ENGE3260 Creative Writing
ENGE3270 Literature and Education
ENGE3280 Writing a Life Between Languages
ENGE3290 Reading and Writing Short Stories
ENGE3300 Writing for the Stage
ENGE3310 Writing for the Screen
ENGE3320 Hong Kong Literature in English
ENGE3350 Literature and Politics
ENGE3360 Special Topics in Creative Writing
ENGE3370 Writing Hong Kong
ENGE3380 The Contemporary African Novel
ENGE3390 The London Novel
ENGE3400 Introduction to Computational Literary Studies
ENGE4240 Special Topics in Literature
ENGE4510 Shakespeare Festival

Elective Courses that provide a firm foundation in the field of Applied English Linguistics

These are courses that reflect important specialties in the field of Applied English Linguistics. They are important pathways for students who might pursue postgraduate studies.

ENGE1520 Grammatical Structure of English
ENGE2510 English Phonetics and Phonology
ENGE2600 World Englishes and Their Cultures
ENGE2620 Acquisition of English as a Second Language
ENGE2720 Pedagogical Grammar of English
ENGE2820 English Semantics and Pragmatics
ENGE2840 Lexical Studies in English
ENGE3600 Contrastive Linguistics
ENGE3610 Psycholinguistics
ENGE3680 History of the English Language
ENGE3770 Bilingualism: Cognition and Society
ENGE3850 Acquisition of English Phonology
ENGE3860 Advanced Grammatical Studies in English
ENGE4610 Educational Linguistics

Elective Courses aligned with contemporary trends in Applied English Linguistics

These are courses that are more topic-based and/or are aligned with various professional specialties.

ENGE2180 Intercultural Communication and Engagement Abroad
ENGE2520 Environmental Writing
ENGE2530 Hong Kong English and its Culture
ENGE2540 Forensic Linguistics: Language as Evidence in Legal Processes
ENGE2630 Sociolinguistics: Languages, Culture, and Society
ENGE2710 Language and Intercultural Communication
ENGE2870 English Words
ENGE3630 Language, Cognition, and Education
ENGE3640 English Language Teaching and Learning
ENGE3670 Language, Meaning, and Text
ENGE3690 Gender and Language
ENGE3730 Communication in Second Language Classrooms
ENGE3740 Language Planning and Policy
ENGE3750 Intercultural Transitions: Making Sense of International Experience
ENGE3760 English Sociolinguistic Variation
ENGE3950 Digital Technologies for Language Learning
ENGE3960 Digital Literacy as Social Practice
ENGE3970 Language and the Internet
ENGE4620 Critical Discourse Analysis
ENGE4650 Special Topics in Applied Linguistics
ENGE4660 Issues in Contemporary English Language Studies