Teaching Hong Kong, Hong Kong Teaching: A Hong Kong Studies Symposium (Saturday 4 December 2021)

The late Hong Kong writer Leung Ping-kwan famously asked, "Why is the story of Hong Kong so difficult to tell?" The enduring nature of the question and its unanswerability is partly due to the city's constantly changing identity and the various factors that influence how its story can be told, or can be told at all. In this symposium, we try to look at another facet of Hong Kong and its local and global representation—in terms of teaching. How do we teach Hong Kong in Hong Kong, and how do we teach Hong Kong in the world? What considerations are taken? Which Hong Kong? What aspects of Hong Kong can be taught? Can Hong Kong teach the world something? Can Hong Kong be taught something from elsewhere in the world?

Interested scholars are encouraged to submit an abstract of 300-500 words along with a third-person biography of around 150 words in one WORD document for consideration.

Submissions should be sent to before Friday 15 October 2021. Fully developed articles post-symposium (6,000-8,000 words) will be considered for publication in forthcoming issues of Hong Kong Studies.