Academic Staff
Yuet May CHING
Adjunct Associate Professor
B.A. (CUHK), M.A., Ph.D. (Michigan)
Research Interests

Modernist poetry and fiction, Romantic poetry, gender and literature, and Hong Kong literature

Selected Publications
  • “A heap of nameless fragments”: Sacrifice, Cannibalism, and Fragmentation in The Secret Agent: Centennial Essays.Eds. Allan Simmons and J.H. Stape. Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi Press, 2007.
  • “‘A symbol of longevity’: Resistance and Rebirth in Yeats and Two Hong Kong Poets” in Anglophone Cultures in Southeast Asia: Appropriations, Continuities, Contexts.Eds. Ahrens, Parker, Stierstorfer and Tam.Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg Press, 2003.
  • “The Idle Chalice: Sacrifice as an Everyday Ritual in Joyce’s Dubliners” in Q/W/E/R/T/Y, pp. 79-83. France. 2000.
  • “She’s Woman; I’m Woman” (Translation) in A Place of One’s Own: Stories of Self in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Eds. Kwok-kan TAM, Terry Siu-Han YIP, Wimal DISSANAYAKE, pp. 287-300. Hong Kong: Oxford University Press. 1999.
  • “From Priest to Victim: Sacrifice in Allen Upward and Ezra Pound,” in Paideuma 24.1 (1995): 53-69.
  • “‘O ribald company’: Reflections on Ezra Pound’s Reflections,” in Proceedings of the Sixth Quadrennial International Comparative Literature Conference. Tamkang Review 22.1-4 (1991-92): 107-123.

Conference Papers

  • “Compassionate Ethics and Narratology in Conrad’s Fiction.” The 37th Annual Conference of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK). London. 7-9 July 2011.
  • “Sacrifice and Compassion in Almayer’s Folly, Chance and Victory.” The 35th Annual Conference of the Joseph Conrad Societey (UK). London. 2-4 July 2009.
  • “The Prism and Misprision of Memory: A Critique of Two Memoirs.” Stories of Empire: Narratological Directions in Postcolonial Theory and Practice. Verein der Freundinnen des Instituts für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, University of Vienna. 13-15 September 2007.
  • “Food Culture: A Hong Kong Story.” Eleventh Annual Conference of the Association of American Literary Scholars and Critics. Cambridge MA. 4-6 Nov 2005.
  • “The March Hare and the Saffron Monkey: Variations on the Theme of Sacrifice in Eliot’s Poetry and Plays.” The 23rd Annual Meeting of the T S Eliot Society. St. Louis, Missouri. 27-29 Sept 2002.
  • “Literature and Death: Sacrifice in the Life and Works of Allen Upward.” Special Session on “Literature and Life: Fact and Fiction,” Annual College English Association Meeting. Orlando, Florida. 7-9 April 1994.