Postgraduate Research Students
WANG Qian Bobbie
Tel:  3943 5710
Office:  Room 303C

Title of Dissertation: The relative contribution of phonological features to the perception of China English

Supervisor: Professor Jette Hansen Edwards

My thesis aims to establish a link between the production and perception of China English (CE) which is an emerging English variety in China with the largest number of speakers in the world. The research focus is to investigate how phonological features (e.g. vowel realizations) of CE affect the perception of CE from the perspective of listeners with different language backgrounds.

Research Interests

Second language phonology, speech production and perception, China English

Selected Publications

Conference Presentation


Wang, Q., & Hansen Edwards, J. G. (2017, June). Phonology of China English: An Investigation of Vowel Realizations of Chinese Speakers of English. Paper presented at ELF and Changing English 10th Anniversary Conference of English as a Lingua Franca, Helsinki, Finland.