Postgraduate Research Students
STUDZINSKI Stephanie Ann
Tel:  3943 5712
Office:  Room 306

Title of Dissertation: Unearthing Vegetal Intelligence: Biosemiotics and the Re-Enchantment of Nature in the Sentient Worlds of Sheri S. Tepper

Supervisor: Professor David Huddart

As we begin to recognize the Anthropocene epoch, the sentient worlds of Sheri S. Tepper offer insight into the potential for an anti-anthropomorphic paradigm shift by questioning the criteria that define intelligent life and how we recognize and decode biosemiotics while re-enchanting nature, leading toward biocentric egalitarianism and metaphysical holism.

Research Interests

Environmental Humanities, 20th-Century Literature, Speculative Fiction, Gender Studies, Revision in Literature: Alternate Fairy Tales & Alternate Histories, Literature & Film