Academic Staff
Associate Professor
B.A. M.A. Ph.D. (NUI, Cork)
Tel:  3943 7024
Office:  Fung King Hey 319

Administrative Post: Convenor of Research Committee

Research Interests

Modernism, phenomenology & literature, literature & religion, Irish studies, the philosophy of education.

Selected Publications


Edited Journals

  • Editorial Board for British and Irish Literature – Oxford Bibliographies

Articles and Chapters

  • Michael O’Sullivan (2018) Loneliness as method: Henry James, individualism and the ‘more intimate education’, Textual Practice, DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2018.1508492

  • "David Foster Wallace, loneliness, and the “pretty much nothing” the university teaches" Literature Compass. Vol. 14. Issue 7. Wiley. 2017.

  • “Academic barbarism and the literature of concealment: Roberto Bolaño and W. G.  Sebald” Academic barbarism, universities and inequality. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
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  • “Bringing them into the Fold: Deleuze and three images for an east-west humanities.” Deleuze and the New Humanities. Ed. Rose Braidotti. [forthcoming 2016]
  • “Loneliness and the Submerged Population: Frank O’Connor’s The Lonely Voice and Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”. The Irish Short Story. Ed. Elke D’Hoker. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015.
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  • “On the new Chinese Translation of Finnegans Wake”. James Joyce Quarterly, 50.4, pp. 1095-99.
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  • “Giving Up Control: Narrative Authority and Animal Experience in Coetzee and Kafka”, forthcoming Mosaic, 2010.
  • “Giving Flesh; The Gift of Weakness,” Parallax. 16.1. January-March 2010, pp. 56-67.
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Creative Writing

  • “When Miguel de Cervantes met William Shakespeare” Quixotica. Hong Kong: Chameleon Press, 2016.
  • “Stranger” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. Hong Kong: February 2010 (issue 10). Internet resource.
  • “On meeting the mother of MichaelAngelo” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. Hong Kong: June 2014 (issue 24). Internet Resource.
  • “Dead Wood” in Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz. Chameleon Press, Hong Kong, 2015.
  • “The King” in Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz. Chameleon Press, Hong Kong, 2015
Research Grants and Awards
  • 2018: R-Portion Grant for a Borders Conference: 30,000 HKD

  • 2018: R-Portion Grant for an LMU-CUHK Exchange Conference: 40,000 HKD

  • 2016: Co-Investigator in University Grants Committee Project entitled “The Economic Value of the Humanities in Hong Kong”: 758,000HKD

  • 2015: Pilot Study Grant: 40,000HKD

  • 2015: Young Researcher of the Year. The Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 100,000HKD

  • 2015: Direct Grant: 22,000 HKD. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • The Young Researcher Award 2014 – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2012: Direct Grant. 56,000 HKD. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • 2011/12 Faculty of Arts Humanities Fellowship, The Chinese University of Hong Kong