Postgraduate Research Students
LEUNG Ho Yee Chloe
Tel:  3943 5715
Office:  Room 311

Title of Dissertation: Virginia Woolf and Ballet

Supervisor: Prof. Evelyn Chan

Connected by a common rhythmic consciousness, comparisons between the physical movements in Woolf’s works and the ballet dancer draw attention to how one’s “inner truth” is externally embodied. Based on Woolf’s concept of rhythm and the ballet aesthetics, this study explores how emotions are inscribed in the physical body. Specifically, the body’s disruption of temporal linearity gives rise to stylistic self-expression in artistic creation.

Research Interests

Modernism/Postmodernism - Virginia Woolf

Research Grants and Awards

'"What the Head?: Marguerite de Leon's People in Panic" in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (July, 2018).