Academic Staff
Carmen LEE
Associate Professor
B.A., M.Phil.(HKU); Ph.D. (Lancaster)
Tel:  3943 7994
Office:  Fung King Hey 317

Administrative Post: Director of MA in English (Applied English Linguistics)

Research Interests

Sociolinguistics, language on the internet, multilingualism, literacy studies, qualitative research methods

Selected Publications

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Book Chapters

  • (2017, with D. Barton). Methodologies for researching multilingual online texts and practices. In: Researching multilingualism: Critical and ethnographic perspectives, edited by M. Martin Jones and D. Martin. Abingdon: Routeldge.
  • (2015). Digital Discourse@Public Space: Flows of Language Online and Offline. In Jones, R., Chik, A. and Hafner, C. (Eds.) Discourse and Digital Practices: Doing discourse analysis in the digital age. London: Routledge.
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Journal Articles

  • (2018). Introduction to Special Issue on ‘Discourse of Social Tagging’. Discourse, Context and Media. 22: 1-3.

  • (2017, with D. Chau). Language as pride, love, and hate: Archiving emotions through multilingual Instagram hashtags. Discourse, Context & Media.

  • (2017, with D. Chau). Discursive construction of identities in a social network-educational space: Insights from an undergraduate Facebook group for a linguistics course. Discourse, Context & Media18, 31-39.

  • (2012, with D. Barton). Redefining Vernacular Literacies in the age of Web 2.0. Applied Linguistics 33 (3): 282-298.
  • (2011, with D. Barton). Constructing Glocal Identities through Multilingual Writing Practices on, International Multilingual Research Journal 5: 39-59.
  • (2007). Affordances and text-making practices in online instant messaging. Written Communication. 24 (3): 223-249.
  • (2007). Text-making practices beyond the classroom context: Private instant messaging in Hong Kong. Computers and Composition: An International Journal. Special Issue on Global Perspectives of Computers and Composition. 24 (3): 285-301.

Editorial Posts

  • Associate Editor, Discourse, Context and Media (Elsevier)
  • Editorial board member: Journal of Sociolinguistics. (Wiley)
  • Series co-editor, Language and Digital Media book series (Routledge)
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on ‘Discourse of Social Tagging’, Discourse, Context & Media (Elsevier).
  • Editorial board member, Critical Discourse Studies (Routledge)


Research Grants and Awards
  • 2012 The Interaction between Online and Offline Linguistic Practices (funded by CUHK Direct Grant for Research, Co-I: D. Barton, Lancaster University)
  • 2010 – 2011 Language and Writing Activities on Web 2.0: The Case of Young People in Hong Kong (HKD 427,286, RGC General Research Fund)
  • 2010 Multimodal Text-making and Learning in Online Social Spaces: The Case of (HKD 98,093, funded by CUHK Direct Grant for Research, Co-I: D. Barton, Lancaster University)
  • 2008 Multilingualism in Web 2.0 Spaces: A Pilot Study (HKD 48,920, funded by the OUHK Research and Development Fund, as Principal Investigator)