Research Seminars
The Story of William Wordsworth and Annette Vallon by Prof. Heidi Thomson

Date: 31 August 2018
Time: 11:30 am
Speaker: Prof. Heidi Thomson
Topic: The Story of William Wordsworth and Annette Vallon
Venue: E-zone



Abstract: This talk focuses on the story of the relationship between the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth and his French lover Annette Vallon. William and Annette’s daughter Caroline was born in December 1792, after Wordsworth had left France. In 1802 Wordsworth married Mary Hutchinson, but maintained contact with his French family. Annette and Caroline still occupy an enigmatic position in Wordsworth studies: the surviving record is scant and their inclusion in the Wordsworth biographies is minimal. An aura of scandal surrounds their existence, fuelled by the fact that Annette was French and that the relationship occurred during the revolutionary war with France. Yet, this multicultural story deserves to be told.