Entrance Requirements

Besides satisfying the conditions of admission for the Ph.D. degree as laid down by the Graduate School, applicants should have majored in English literature or a closely related field. Applicants who do not hold a master’s degree awarded by this University or a recognised university are required to complete the first year of study in the master’s programme before they are considered for admission.


Local applicants are required to submit a 1,500 word research plan, Master’s thesis or a sample research paper, and attend an interview unless exemptions are granted. The research plan should contain a preliminary bibliography. The interview shall examine the applicant’s knowledge of the field of specialisation described in the research plan submitted with the initial application. The language used in examinations, interviews and research plans will be English. For applicants from overseas, PRC and Taiwan, GRE (Literature in English Test) score is preferred, and Master’s thesis or a sample research paper is required, in addition to the research plan and TOEFL results. (If test results are not available, then an interview and/or test may be required.)