Study Scheme

Coursework Requirement


(I) Required Courses


(ENGE8000 is a thesis monitoring course to be taken each term until completion of thesis.)


12 units
(II) Elective Courses
Students are required to take 3 advanced courses which comprise:


At least ONE course in Genre Studies, and
At least ONE course in either Literary History or Critical Studies.

9 units

Total 21 units


Other Requirements


(a) Students are required to submit a research thesis and pass an oral examination for graduation.
(b) IT Proficiency Test. (Please refer to “Student IT Competence”.)
(c) The thesis should involve texts in English unless strong justification for their exclusion be presented to the Graduate Panel. Texts are defined as language, literature, or culture-related texts.
(d) A student who obtains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 in the preceding term or receives a failure grade in thesis monitoring courses (for Research Postgraduate Programmes) will be put on academic probation. For details, please refer to Clause 14.0 “Unsatisfactory Performance and Discontinuation of Studies” of the General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies which can be accessed from the Graduate School Homepage:
(e) Complete an Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL) module on “Observing Intellectual Property and Copyright Law during Research”. This will be an online module and relevant information can be accessed from the website: