Course List
Course Code Course Title Units
ENGE1000 English Studies: Thinking Creatively in A Global Language 3
ENGE1310 Communications for English Majors I 3
ENGE1320 Communications for English Majors II 3
ENGE1500 Introduction to English Linguistics 3
ENGE1520 Grammatical Structure of English 3
ENGE1610 Introduction to Literature 3
ENGE1800 Drama in Performance I 3
ENGE1900 Heroes and Monsters: From Gilgamesh to Game of Thrones 3
ENGE2100 Research and Oral Reporting 3
ENGE2110 Crime Fiction 3
ENGE2120 Literature and Human Rights 3
ENGE2130 (How to Read) Masterpieces of Literature 3
ENGE2140 Superheroes in Graphic Novel, Comics and Film 3
ENGE2150 Nineteenth-Century Novels 3
ENGE2160 American Popular Song Lyrics 3
ENGE2170 Literature & Medicine 3
ENGE2180 Intercultural Communication and Engagement Abroad 3
ENGE2190 Gods Behaving Badly: Myths and Legends from Around the World 3
ENGE2300 Drama: from the Jacobean Period to the Restoration 3
ENGE2310 Drama: from Ibsen to the Present 3
ENGE2320 Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Fiction 3
ENGE2340 Poetry: from the Renaissance to the Augustan Age 3
ENGE2350 Poetry: from the Romantics to the Modernists 3
ENGE2360 Children’s Literature 3
ENGE2370 From Romanticism to Modernism 3
ENGE2380 Twentieth-Century Fiction 3
ENGE2390 Reading Poetry 3
ENGE2510 English Phonetics and Phonology 3
ENGE2520 Environmental Writing 3
ENGE2530 Hong Kong English 3
ENGE2600 World Englishes and Their Cultures 3
ENGE2620 Acquisition of English as a Second Language 3
ENGE2630 Sociolinguistics: Languages, Culture, and Society 3
ENGE2640 Introduction to World Literature in English 3
ENGE2650 From the Renaissance to Enlightenment 3
ENGE2700 Drama in Performance II 3
ENGE2710 Language and Intercultural Communication 3
ENGE2720 Pedagogical Grammar of English 3
ENGE2820 English Semantics and Pragmatics 3
ENGE2840 Lexical Studies in English 3
ENGE2870 English Words 3
ENGE2950 English Literature and Culture Study Tour 1
ENGE2960 The World in English: an Oxford Summer Programme 3
ENGE3000 Issues in Comparative Literature 3
ENGE3100 Communications for English Majors III 3
ENGE3110 Romanticism 3
ENGE3120 Modernism 3
ENGE3150 English Language and Literature 3
ENGE3160 Major Concepts in American Literature 3
ENGE3170 Major Concepts in European Literature 3
ENGE3180 Major Concepts in World Literature 3
ENGE3190 Literature and Culture 3
ENGE3200 Literature and Art 3
ENGE3210 Literature and Religion 3
ENGE3220 Literature and Film 3
ENGE3230 Gender and Literature 3
ENGE3250 Other Literatures in English 3
ENGE3260 Creative Writing 3
ENGE3270 Literature and Education 3
ENGE3280 Writing a Life Between Languages 3
ENGE3290 Reading and Writing Short Stories 3
ENGE3300 Writing for the Stage 3
ENGE3310 Writing for the Screen 3
ENGE3320 Hong Kong Literature in English 3
ENGE3340 Nineteenth-Century Literature 3
ENGE3350 Literature and Politics 3
ENGE3360 Special Topics in Creative Writing 3
ENGE3370 Writing Hong Kong 3
ENGE3380 The Contemporary African Novel 3
ENGE3390 The London Novel 3
ENGE3500 Shakespeare 3
ENGE3600 Contrastive Linguistics 3
ENGE3610 Psycholinguistics 3
ENGE3630 Language, Cognition, and Education 3
ENGE3640 English Language Teaching and Learning 3
ENGE3670 Language, Meaning, and Text 3
ENGE3680 History of the English Language 3
ENGE3690 Gender and Language 3
ENGE3730 Communication in Second Language Classrooms 3
ENGE3740 Language Planning and Policy 3
ENGE3750 Intercultural Transitions: Making Sense of International Experience 3
ENGE3760 English Sociolinguistic Variation 3
ENGE3770 Bilingualism: Cognition and Society 3
ENGE3850 Acquisition of English Phonology 3
ENGE3860 Advanced Grammatical Studies in English 3
ENGE3970 Language and the Internet 3
ENGE4100 Major Author(s) 3
ENGE4110 Love, Death, and God in English Renaissance Poetry 3
ENGE4120 Reading Paradise Lost 3
ENGE4130 Issues in Literary Criticism 3
ENGE4140 Topics in East/West Comparative Literature 3
ENGE4240 Special Topics in Literature 3
ENGE4510 Shakespeare Festival 3
ENGE4620 Critical Discourse Analysis 3
ENGE4650 Special Topics in Applied Linguistics 3
ENGE4660 Issues in Contemporary English Language Studies 3
ENGE4700 Independent Research Project 3