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Prof. HAINES Simon
Fung King Hey 338
3943 7013
B.A. (Hons. I)(ANU), D.Phil (Oxford)
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Research Interests:

Romantic and post-Romantic literature, especially poetry; Shakespeare and seventeenth century poetry; literature and moral philosophy; models of the self in European poetry and philosophy; the importance of the Humanities in contemporary society

Selected Publications



Redemption in Poetry and Philosophy: Wordsworth, Kant and the Making of the Post-Christian Imagination, Baylor University Press, 249pp., 2013

European Romanticism: A Reader, co-edited with Stephen Prickett, Continuum Press, 2010, second paperback edition, Bloomsbury, 2014, 1032pp. (12-language anthology with parallel English translations) [Image

*Note: this book won the Jean-Pierre Barricelli Prize from the International Conference on Romanticism for the best book on Romanticism published in 2010 (shared with one other)

Poetry and Philosophy from Homer to Rousseau: Romantic Souls, Realist Lives, Palgrave Macmillan/St Martin’s Press, 215pp., 2005 [Image]

Shelley’s Poetry: The Divided Self, Macmillan/St Martin’s Press, 274pp., 1997 [Image]


Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“Incommensurability in Measure for Measure: Or, the Life of Pi", in "Shakespeare and Value", supplement to Shakespearean International Yearbook, forthcoming 2016

"Shakespeare, Hegel and Recognition", in Shakespeare and the Emotions, ed. R.W. White et al., Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2015

“Iris Murdoch, The Ethical Turn and Literary Value”, in Iris Murdoch and Morality, eds., Anne Rowe and Avril Horner, Palgrave, 2010

“Introduction to British Romanticism”, Simon Haines and Christopher Strathman, in European Romanticism: A Reader (see above)

“English Bards and German Sages”, in English Now: Selected Papers from the 2oth IAUPE Conference, ed. Marianne Thormahlen, Lund Studies in English, 2008, pp. 72-81.

“Romanticism’s Imperial Self-Fashioning”, in La Questione Romantica: Imperialismo/Colonialismo, Numero 18-19, Liguore Editore, Napoli, 2008, pp. 145-153.

“Time in Philosophy and Art”, keynote article in Art and Time, eds. Lloyd-Jones et al., Australian Scholarly Press, 2007, pp. 13-30

“Machiavelli: Bad but Honourable”, in Renaissance Perspectives, ed. Lloyd-Jones et al., Australian Scholarly Press, 2006, pp. 43-53.

“Deepening the Self: The Language of Ethics and the Language of Literature”, ch.1 in Renegotiating Ethics in Literature, Philosophy and Theory, eds Adamson, Freadman and Parker, Cambridge, 1998, pp. 21-38

“Good News from Ghent: The Suppression of the Self in Modern Literary Theory”, The Critical Review, no. 37, 1997, pp. 28-46.


Current Research Projects

- The idea of recognition in Shakespeare

- Contrasting models of Modern Self in Poetry and Philosophy since Romanticism

- The value of the Humanities