Postgraduate Research Students

LI Weiyi


Tel 3943 5710
Office Fung King Hey 303C

Title of Dissertation:
Irony comprehension by L2 learners in HK

Professor Jookyoung JUNG

This thesis aims to examine the cognitive process of L1 Cantonese speakers' understanding of L2 English irony. A behavioral study will be conducted to test participants' accuracy rate and response time in identifying positive vs. negative ironic statements. The study also adopts stimulated recall as a triangulation method to investigate participants' interpretation of L2 irony.(tentative)

Research Interests
Second language (L2) pragmatics, developmental pragmatics, L2 pragmatics learning and instruction, Second language acquisition (SLA).
Selected Publications
Li W., and Afzaal M. (2021).[Review of the book New Directions in Second Language Pragmatics by FĂ©lix-Brasdefer, C.J. and Shively R.] International Journal of Applied Linguistics (forthcoming).Wiley.