Upcoming Seminars
28 Aug 2017 Why Area Studies Matters in World Literature: The Case of Southeast Asia by Dr. Nazry Bahrawi
Past Seminars
7 Apr 2017 “English for free?” by Prof. Diane Pecorari
2017 Spring Research Seminars
31 Mar 2017 Situating corporate branding in discursive-ideological landscapes: The case of Singapore’s university sector by Dr. Carl Jon Way Ng
24 Mar 2017 Literature and Value by Prof. Simon Haines
10 Mar 2017 Interdiscursive Performance in Academic Research Genres by Prof. Vijay K. Bhatia
3 Mar 2017 Keats, Montaigne, and Hamlet by Prof. Li Ou
17 Feb 2017 The Creative Disjunctures of Twenty-First Century Global Storytelling: Rana Dasgupta’s Tokyo Cancelled by Dr. Jason Lee
9 Dec 2016 “You speak English with your boss, but you speak Chinese with me!”: Constraints and Possibilities in the use of Languages by Hong Kong Foreign Domestic Helpers by Prof. Selim Ben Said
2 Dec 2016 Cultivating applied linguists’ multifaceted identities through a Master program by Dr. Claudia Wong
25 Nov 2016 The Frequency of the Present Perfect in Varieties of English Around the World by Prof. Robert Fuchs
18 Nov 2016 Cervantes and the geography of the humanities by Prof. Michael O’Sullivan
11 Nov 2016 Short story analysis of study abroad identity by Prof. Gary Barkhuizen
28 Oct 2016 Hamlet and the Origins of Puritan Spiritual Autobiography by Prof. Jason Gleckman
14 Oct 2016 Crime Stories and Urban Fantasy by Dr. Stefan Ekman
30 Sept 2016 From Event to Node: How Future Narratives Impact on the Way We Imagine and Shape Futures by Prof. Christoph Bode
27 May 2016 Impact of mother figures: the case of William Trevor’s recent short stories by Prof. Hedwig Schwall
11 May 2016 Book Launch. An event to celebrate the recent publication of department books.
29 Apr 2016 A study in key words: analysing the semantic field of power, law and legitimacy by Prof. Alan Durant
22 Apr 2016 Conversational Discourse and Collage in John Ashbery’s Late Lyrics by Dr. Fiona Chung
15 Apr 2016 What can Kant teach us about the nature of mysticism and its possible dangers? by Prof. Stephen Palmquist
8 Apr 2016 Reader as Listener: Experientiality of Verbal Music by Mr. Ivan Delazari
6 Apr 2016 Teaching Shakespeare in Japan & Korea by Dr Sarah Olive
16 Mar 2016 Narratives of Cross-Cultural Understanding among Undergraduate South Asian Diasporic Students in Hong Kong by Prof. Seetha Lakshmi
11 Mar 2016 ‘A forward and confiding man’: Henry Hills, Eikon Basilike, and the Pamela Prayer Conspiracy by Dr. Michael Durrant
4 Mar 2016 Ethical Issues in Internet-based applied linguistics research by Dr. Andy Gao
26 Feb 2016 A Journey to become an Applied Linguist: Disciplinary Knowledge and Professional Development by Prof. Masaki Oda
19 Feb 2016 Samuel Beckett’s Murphy and the work ethic by Dr. Robert Kiely
19-22 Jan 2016 Talk & Workshops by Prof. Kees de Bot
11 Dec 2015 Becoming an Object in Chaplin’s Modern Times by Dr Alfie Bown
4 Dec 2015 Lexical priming in Hong Kong and Singapore(an) English by Prof. Vincent Ooi
27 Nov 2015 Beyond Religion: Shakespeare and the value of play by Prof. Ros King
26 Nov 2015 The work of Hans Christian Andersen by Lise Lotte Frederiksen
20 Nov 2015 Re-casting Texts across Languages: A Study of Girish Karnad’s Practice of Self-translation by Dr. Anil Joseph Pinto
10 Nov 2015 “Education is a life marathon rather than a hundred-meter race”: Chinese ‘folk’ comparative discourses on Finnish education by Prof. Fred Dervin
6 Nov 2015 ‘Have You Anything To Declare?’: Modernism, the Customs Officer, and Contraband Psychology by Dr. Emily Ridge